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Google's April Fools joke...

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So Bill's come over from the Dark Side. ☺

Looking forward to giving this a go:

Lifehacker: Google's Android Studio 1.0 Makes Building Apps Easy.

Nexus 7 users - don't upgrade yet to Lollipop (or is it Lollipoop), if you do you'll regret it. Leave it a while for the bugs to be ironed out. At the moment my tablet is very slowwww.

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+Dan Lynch played this on #LinuxOutlaws ep.365 – Last Stand - a very catchy song. I hope we still hear from Dan and +Fabian Scherschel after Linux Outlaws finishes, they're a big part of my Linux experience.

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Thank-you - A very elegant solution - worked flawlessly. A lot simpler than a lot of 'hacks' i've seen on some forums :)

Had a brillant time at +OggCamp on saturday. Highlights for me were +Alan Pope 's talk on Ubuntu Phone progress and the talk on a hydrogen powered +Raspberry Pi . Thanks to Linux Outlaws and +Ubuntu Podcast for organising another great Ogg Camp :)
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