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Gplusser Profiles in Circles Accidentally Deletion - Possible Reasons
I saw several times how few fellow Gplussers mentioned that they accidentally deleted some of the profiles on their circle. How it is possible to accidentally delete someone in your circles?

I posted twice about my own mistakes:
How I accidentally deleted ALL the Gplussers in ALL of my circles by a single click: http://bit.ly/LZUaDX
There is a limitation with Google+ circles management actvities too! http://bit.ly/M10XiY

Both of my cases, I think something to do with Googleplus Circle Management user interface (UI).  If we click one of the circle (any circle)  or other group  (your circles, have you in circles or people not G- yet,) we will see a pile of Gplusser profiles from that circle/group (in the screenshot below). It's good, no problem with that.  

Now, here is the problem, if you have just deleted all the profiles in  a certain circle/group, by right there should be no more profiles piling up.  Yet, you would still see there are profiles piling up. Thus, you thought there are still some profiles you haven't deleted in that circle/group, so you do the deletion once again.  This time, you are actually deleting other profiles in another circles/group!  If you use the delete all drop down menu, you might be deleting a massive numbers of people. Be very careful with 'select all' function

My mistakes were, in both cases, I supposed, after I deleted all the profiles in that group/circle, there would be no more profile showing but then it was not the case. G+ still want to show a pile of profiles, so it take the profiles from other circles/group to display.  Actually, it is noted  there from which circle/group the profile piles come from but we could easily missed that.   Also, when you are working on a particular circle/group,  you expect you are still working on that particular circle/group. The thing is, once Goggleplus started to show a pile of profiles from other circle rather than from the circle you are working, you are actually been shifted to work on other circle/group! 

Another possible reason, a minor one, if you delete a profile one by one within a circle,  there is a delay for the action to be completed due to the animation, the profile that you deleted might not be the one you intend to delete. Slow down on deleting profile.

p.s. I wish the choice of 'decrease cicle size' (in the 'action' drop down menu) stays once you select it - no need to scroll so much when _navigating the circles. 
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