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Another Great Review for A Shepherd's Song
If you've got a case of the "humbugs," pick up a copy of A Shepherd's Song .  If you need convincing that this novel is the cure for the holiday stress, read this review by exceptional writer Virginia Lieto by clicking on the following link. http://virginia...

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My Latest Column Is Up on Northern Connection Magazine
Read it on Page 43.

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Maybe I'm Amazed
Do you collect anything? Aside from the occasional Christmas ornament
I pick up whenever I travel to a new destination, I don’t collect
anything material. However, I do have a collection of intangible
treasures that I regard as priceless. One gem is the ...

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Book Review - Finding Patience
With so much incivility, hate, and violence in the world, you
may be wondering how have things spun so out of control? An even more important
question is: How to do we reverse this disturbing downward spiral? Virginia Lieto’s children’s book Finding Patienc...

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It’s Perfect – Not!
It was Father’s Day weekend thirty-one years ago. Married only a
couple of years, my husband and I had moved into our first house that
previous January. We’d spent that spring painting, wallpapering—the
things you do to get a home into shape. On Saturday...

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Running for the End Zone
I recently celebrated my birthday. Now that I’m past the fifty-yard
line of life and heading to the end zone, I can no longer deny that I am
aging. When I was in my twenties and thirties, I could ignore the
subtle signs of the advancing clock, and in my ...

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This originally appeared on the Catholic Writers Guild blog.   When Picking up Your Pen Is Picking up Your Cross Posted on April 5, 2017 by Janice Lane Palko By Janice Lane Palko How do you regard your writing career? Perhaps you’re like me. I’ve
been putt...

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What should you do when someone tries to tear you down?

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Have You Ever Met a "Discourager?"
Here's My Latest Post from the Catholic Writer's Guild Blog What Was Intended for
Harm . . . Several years ago, my family and I were seated in lawn
chairs in a shopping center parking lot that overlooked Pittsburgh's skyline.
As darkness descended, we gazed...
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