Westchester Raccoon Trapping & Removal - Port Chester, NY

Our Westchester Team took some amazing photos this week during a raccoon removal project in Port Chester, NY. Most homeowners don't realize they have a raccoon problem until the noises in the attic grow past a certain threshold. In nearly 80% of raccoon removal cases, a pregnant female has moved into an attic to give birth and raise her young in a safe and protected environment. After the babies are born, the sound grown to the point where homeowners finally take notice. Unfortunately, there's a lot of time in between for damage to occur.

While inspecting the inside of this attic, our team first discovered evidence of prolonged raccoon habitation. The raccoon gained entry to the attic by damaging a large attic vent. Once inside, she tore up insulation for nesting, urinated and defecated everywhere and even chewed up electrical wiring, which is a serious fire hazard. The real excitement came when our team found the whole raccoon family huddled up and resting. They were all a little nervous about the big human coming into their home, but still surprisingly calm. Even the momma raccoon posed for a quick picture before slipping back into the eaves.

With only one large entry and exit point, a blockade needed to be built, in order to funnel the momma raccoon into her trap. When she attempted to leave that night to forage for food, she was successfully caught. It was then safe the next morning to go back into the attic and remove the three babies by hand. The babies were still a little small to introduce into the wild, so the family was transported to our Raccoon Rehabilitator instead. Once there, the momma raccoon adopted two more abandoned babies as her own. Over the next few months, she'll care for them all, keeping them healthy and getting them ready for the day they make their way back into nature.

We couldn't be more pleased with the results. We found a family for two more baby raccoons and no more noises in the attic!


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