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So G+ is shutting down August 2019.

Where to move Communities to?

I'd suggest

Facebook groups is essentially a noisy and repetitive party line that doesn't offer effective information wayfinding categorisation, topics, search or storage and organisation for arbitrary information and artefacts.

It's an information tarpit Hotel California ;)

I've migrated several yahoo groups there and it requires no installation of anything, just email.
It has excellent administration and user "onboarding" features

Most importantly, anything that goes there can be backed up and moved elsewhere.

Google haven't announced a whole-of-group archive option to enable migration elsewhere..

The only option available to each Individual G+ user is to back up their own individual posts using

+Winchell Chung +David Manley
+Fred Kiesche +Charles Oines +Ian Thompson
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The WW archive is now accepting new, modified, or converted material via email to
This opens an issue ticket in the repo.

if you want to help, triage submissions, clean/tidy/markup or convert the material, there's more information here

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Round 1 first battle of Adab

I've got a Intel n3150 based chromebook which is 64bit, x86_64.

Yet termux reports as i686 (which is only 32bit) via uname..

Is there a termux-app/package build that supports the x86_64 arch/ABI? As I would like to run a few 64 bit things.. dart etc

+Chuck McKnight has managed to get copies of the album photos (and also the files!) off yahoo and put them up on github

I'll fork this repo add the messages archive and start marking up the text files to Markdown, which are easily converted to PDF, EPUB etc

I've forked his upload to and will update it with details of the further work that is required and how you can contribute, now and down the track.

Gidday all,

As part of the Warpwar Yahoo group preservation process
- Message Archive taken after copy of group messages to (done)
- Manual archive of group's Files taken (done)
- Copy of weblinks in Links Section and copy to (in progress)

- Copy of Photo Albums (In progress)
Here's where we've hit a snag.. yahoo groups is 500'ing on me.(server error usually a backend problem)
It's been like this for two weeks with zero success.
It's kinda confirming for me the view Fred and I arrived at that Verizon is letting the groups service deteriorate, hence the whole copy shebang.

There's an outside chance this might be a geographically-related error, so:

If anyone would care to also try and save the albums photos, that'd be grand.

1 album per subdirectory in a zip, if you can manage it.


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+Winchell Chung A mate of mine in Geelong, south of Melbourne, was going through boxes in his Garage and found this birthday card he jiffied up for another friend many many moons ago..

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