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Weeks 2 and 3 with COIN

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My First Week With COIN

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Hi everyone, I started to get a mintemp error on my E3D hotend so I replaced the thermistor with another 100K Semilec NTC thermistor.  Now I am getting a MAXTEMP with a reported temperature of 683 degrees Celsius as soon as I turn it on.  Anyone have any ideas what would cause it to report that high of a temp.

ok, I have a question before I go and put my printer in  a box.  I have been printing on the white ABS that came with the printer.  I ordered more when I ordered the printer but it has yet to arrive, but that is a different subject.

I purchased some ABS because I am about out of what came with the printer.  This new ABS keeps curling up at the edges and sometimes will even break loose.

I am using painters tape on the bed.  I replaced the tape to see if it made any difference and same thing.  I do not have this problem with what came with the printer.

I was reading online that some people have had luck with putting it in a box or putting cardboard or plastic around the printer so the print area stays warm.

Has anyone done that?  Does it help?  Any other ideas for the ABS to get it to stick?

The ABS is from Octave if that helps any.  I ordered 2 different brands, the other brand is much worse.  I do not think it is ABS as it says, smells like used motor oil when it prints, will not stick at all, is very gooey and is not stiff when it cools.

Hi again. I got the e3D hotend on the rigidbbot tonight. I noticed the temperature bounces around a bit. I had it set at 230 and it went from 223 to 238 back and forth constantly. Is that normal for that hotend?

One thing that I had hoped the new hotend would fix is the material feeding problems I am having. I thought the old hotend was clogging. Even with the e3d end I have problems. No tip, feed 100 mm of material and 100mm feeds. With the tip on and at temperature if I feed 1mm at a time it will feed a little bit but not 1mm. It is slipping and not grabbing hold of the material very well. If I put just a push the material just a little bit it feeds just fine as needed.

I noticed on my first test print with the new hotend that it was missing or had thin material. I then helped it out by pushing the material slightly and it started to print beautifully. Is this a common problem? If so, is there a common fix?
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