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I was all set to have myself an angsty, mopey day, maybe even going as far as to rock out to VNV Nation. But instead, the Slog linked Dr. Neil DeGrasse Tyson's soundclip thing talking about how amazing it is, that we're all pretty much made of stars, so now I guess I'll listen to Symphony of Science all day.

Today's lookin' up.
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(By the way, the original thing the Slog linked is for those that want to hear that, instead of autotuned science singin. It's all inspiring and crap, you should listen to it.)
Any day that involves Sagan or Tyson is pretty much a Good Day.
SCIENCE makes anything awesome.
Next up for Day of Science music comes TMBG's Here Comes Science album!

Science days, best days.
Why does listening to this make me want to play Minecraft?
It should make you want to play board games. SPEAKING OF WHICH.
I used to zone out in minecraft while listening to various science lectures or discussions, many of which involved Tyson. It was a really great way to relax and get smarter at the same time. I might have to pick that up again.
Minecraft is the best for zoning out. Until you start hearing hisses. Damn them, I just want to organize the world by layer type in peace!
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