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Irredeemable Shag commented on a post on Blogger.
Another great episode, guys! I don't have a lot to comment other than I loved this episode too! And that shot of Spidey's black costume as shorts and short-sleeves has haunted me for decades! LOL!

Can't wait for the next episode!!

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Irredeemable Shag commented on a post on Blogger.
Dead Robin & Dr G! Another fantastic episode! Pure joy listening to this one. I'm the worst at leaving consistent feedback, but know that you've hooked me and I'm loving it! I played your trailer in a recent JLI episode too!

I especially loved in this episode how you put the Black Costume introduction in perspective to what was happening in the Spider-Man comics. People tend to forget Secret Wars #8 wasn't really the first appearance of the costume.

Finally, I love this version of Spider-Woman! I followed her in Force Works and Omega Flight! As you said, not a lot of stand-out moments there, but I still have a soft spot for the character.

Keep up the great work!

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Irredeemable Shag commented on a post on Blogger.
Just realized I failed to provide feedback on your issue #7 coverage. Whenever a new episode comes out, I devour it as quickly as possible!!

Besides that I love each and every episode of this show, I did have some thoughts about your issue #7 episode. During the episode, you mentioned that you thought it was odd for Marvel to introduce the new Spider-Woman in issue #7 given that her costume was somewhat of a teaser for Spider-Man's new costume. Y'all said something along the lines of showing Spider-Woman's costume before the introduction of the Spider-Man black costume took away some of the punch for the reader of the black costume introduction.

I think the piece that was missing from the discussion was that while issue #8 shows Spider-Man receiving the costume, truthfully the reader saw it for the first time 8 months earlier in the pages of the Amazing Spider-man. So the introduction of Spider-Woman didn't really take anything away from the new costume reveal.

Just a different perspective. Can't wait for your issue #8 coverage!!

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Irredeemable Shag commented on a post on Blogger.
Hi Dr G & Dead Robin!

I wanted to let you know how much I'm enjoying the SECRET WARS PODCAST! I'm listening to episode 4 right now and I'm in pure nostalgic heaven! You guys are doing a phenomenal job covering the issues. I love that you celebrate the issues while still being critical. I freely admit that I'm so biased about this series, I can't see it's flaws (even though I realize they are there).

In addition to buying the comics, I owned a good amount of the action figures, the Captain America's cycle, and coloring/activity books! While I'm really a DC guy nowadays, these Secret Wars action figures were my gateway drug into superhero toys! I still proudly display my Secret Wars Kang on one of my bookcases!

Just curious, do you plan to cover ancillary titles too? Deadpool's Secret Wars? Spider-Man & The Secret Wars? Beyond? I'm a sucker for anything related to the original Secret Wars and devour it on Marvel Unlimited.

Also, have you heard this anecdote regarding Jim Shooter's decision to write the comic himself? I always heard it was partially motivated by the insane volume of distribution and the payment that went along with that. Meaning that Shooter realized how widely distributed this book would be (including the comic packs in grocery stores) and knew there were extra dollars attached to whomever wrote it. Would be interesting to know if there was any truth to that rumor.

Since you guys were so kind to share your origin story with SECRET WARS, I hope you don't mind if I share mine. Particularly because this was the comic series that made me a life-long comic collector! No exaggeration! No hyperbole! Specifically issue #2 changed the course of my life forever!

When I was in sixth grade, I was the victim of peer pressure. “Peer pressure in sixth grade, surely not?!?!”, you think astonished. I know… shocker (read as sarcasm). I had just started a new middle school and was still getting to know my new friends. During lunch one day, they started talking about all these fantastic sounding characters from some comic book I had never heard of. I was really only familiar with a few Marvel characters; mainly the ones who appeared in the “Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends” cartoon. When I acknowledged that I didn’t know many of these characters, my new friends pounced on me as all sixth graders typically do when they see weakness in a fellow classmate. “You don’t know what Secret Wars is?!?!?!” “You don’t know who Galactus is?!?!?!” “Everyone knows who Magneto is, don’t they?” And so on. Seriously?!? Who heard of "Nerd Bullying" and "Nerd Peer Pressure", especially back in the early 1980s?!?

So there I was, an eleven year old outcast. I felt ridiculed and incompetent. Surely there must be some way to redeem myself. And then the answer appeared before me… I was in the local convenience store getting some candy and an icee. I happened upon the comic book rack and staring me in the face was “Secret Wars” issue #2. A big bold image of Magneto on the cover. I immediately purchased the comic and devoured the information. I refused to be the butt of my sixth grade class. So from there forth, I made sure to buy all the issues of “Secret Wars”. I even paid the painful sum of $5 for a back issue of #1 (considering cover price was $0.75, that’s a hefty mark-up for an eleven year old). Then in order to prepare for any unexpected, yet vitally important sixth grade conversations, I began buying other comics also… a little Uncanny X-Men here… a little Marvel Saga there… eventually some Justice League, Firestorm, Crisis on Infinite Earths...
And that’s how it begins. A life long addiction… all because of sixth grade peer pressure.

Thanks again for the super-enjoyable podcast! Keep up the great work! It's unbearable waiting for each new episode! :)

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Irredeemable Shag commented on a post on Blogger.
I love how Tigra has become a running character for this podcast. The insight into her origins and ongoing development makes fascinating long-form listening. I don’t have anything insightful or pithy to add, just keep up the great work and let’s have more Tigra episodes! And it goes without saying… She’s Hot!

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Kylo Ren's speech pattern has been bugging me. It reminded me of someone else, but I couldn't put my finger on it until tonight. Kylo Ren talks like Napoleon Dynamite!  I can just imagine the scene in Episode VIII...

Rey: What are you drawing?

Kylo: A wampcor.

Rey: What's a wampcor?

Kyle: It's pretty much my favorite animal. It's like a Wampa and a Rancor mixed. Bred for it's skills in the Force. 

#StarWars #TFA #NapoleonRen #KyloDynamite

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Coming 2016 1st Quarter as part of the FIRE & WATER PODCAST NETWORK! ‪#‎FWPodcast‬

A new monthly index show chronicling the adventures of the Justice League International era! Hosted by The Irredeemable Shag and an ever-changing roster of guest hosts! Also featuring, "Meanwhile" episodes covering the JLA TV pilot, Batman: Brave & the Bold cartoon appearances, spin-off mini-series, action figures, and more! Stay tuned!

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Put this in your ears! Stella foolishly invited me to join her again on the latest episode of BATGIRL TO ORACLE: A BARBARA GORDON PODCAST!
This time out we tackle three issues of HAWK & DOVE featuring Barbara Gordon! Dove, Babs, and the Velvet Tiger; all that hotness in one podcast? Did I behave myself? You be the judge. 
Gonna be upfront and say I wasn't thrilled by these issues, but after numerous comments, I'm willing to give the overall series another try. My thanks to Stella for having me on her show again! Be sure to stay to the end for some bonus content in which I, "let my hair down". <<insert bald joke here>>
#Batgirl   #Oracle  

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I’ve been a tremendous fan of DC Comics’ Who’s Who since 1985 (as evidenced by the WHO’S WHO PODCAST), but never imagined I’d actually be featured in a Who’s Who-like entry! Check out the Who’s Who custom page below compiled and drawn by the amazingly talented +Xum Yukinori featuring text by my good buddy +Michael Bailey! It includes my nemesis Aqua-+Robert Kelly in the surprint, along with my wife as Genahawk! LOL!
I’m am flattered and completely humbled by the guys putting this together for me. THANK YOU, XUM & MICHAEL!
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