Once More With Feeling

( Or recover initiative after an unsuccessful attack!) by two sword masters.

When you now do the first strike [Vorschlag] if you hit then follow up the hit quickly, but if the other defends against the first strike whether it was a strike or a thrust and turns it away and leads with his sword, then you shall remain on the sword if you were deflected from the opening and feel if the opponent is hard [Hart] or soft [Weich] and strong [Stark] or weak [Swach] on the sword. And when you notice this, then be hard or soft against the opponent as he defends himself. And then in an instant should you do the after strike [Nachschlag] before the opponent has a chance to come to blows, that is as soon as the opponent defends against the first strike [Vorschlag] as you do that, attack other openings [Blossen] with other techniques speedily.

Hanko Dobringer circa 1389 ms3727a

To Apply Stickiness

When the enemy attacks and you also attack withvthe longsword, you should go in with a sticky feeling and fix your long sword against the enemy's as you receive his cut.The spirit of stickiness is not hitting very strongly,but hitting so that theclongswords do not separateasily. It is best to approach as calmly as possible when hitting the enemy's longsword with stickiness.The difference between"Stickiness"and "Entanglement" is that stickiness is firm and entanglement is weak. You must appreciate this.

Miyamoto Musashi circa 1645, Book of Five Rings
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