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If you are my guitar student, this is your learning assignment: Skip this week's lesson and listen to Prince's solo, starting at 3:27, til the end

Interviewer: "What does it feel like to be the best guitarist alive?"

Eric Clapton: "I don't know. Ask Prince."

(The quote might not be real but it's true, and he was a generous, inspiring musical collaborator)

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Map, territory, meaning in action

The great trigonometric survey started in Madras and went to Bangalore and then on to find the height of Mt Everest. The survey was one of the first large scale geographical surveys in the world and was partly motivated by English defeats at the hands of Tippu Sultan.

This rhetoric of scientific progress was a significant factor contributing to the character of colonial rule in India during the nineteenth century. The survey added legitimacy to colonial rule by making it seem that this form of science in India would result in India’s progress.

Ironically maps are not prominent in India either in daily usage (public transport) or in state planning. Indeed most maps are restricted for use and copyrighted.

h/t +Vicky Veritas 
The Great Trigonometrical Survey 

"The Great Trigonometrical Survey was a project which aimed to measure the entire Indian subcontinent with scientific precision. It was begun in 1802 by the infantry officer William Lambton, under auspices of the East India Company.Under the leadership of his successor, George Everest, the project was made a responsibility of the Survey of India. Everest was succeeded by Andrew Scott Waugh and after 1861 the project was led by James Walker, who saw the first completion of it in 1871.
Among the many accomplishments of the Survey were the demarcation of the British territories in India and the measurement of the height of the Himalayan giants: Everest, K2, and Kanchenjunga. The Survey had an enormous scientific impact as well, being responsible for one of the first accurate measurements of a section of an arc of longitude, and for measurements of the geodesic anomalywhich led to the development of the theories of isostasy."
Quoted/more at

"It’s surprising but true that cartography in the 19th century in India was actually the most advanced in the world. Other nations, such as Britain, were not mapped to the extent that India was.
Aside from the precisionist aspect of the Great Trigonometrical Survey it should be noted that there was always a strong element of control in the mapping of South Asia. As Ian Barrow states: “there was a sense among surveyors and the [East India Company]'s high bureaucracy that trigonometrical mapping would enhance the reputation of the Company as an enlightened patron because of its rigorous and scientific nature…. This rhetoric of scientific progress and improvement was a significant factor contributing to the character of colonial rule in India during the nineteenth century. The Survey not only helped the state gather information and knowledge, it also (and this was its greatest advantage over route surveys) added legitimacy to colonial rule by making it seem that this form of science in India would not only result in India’s progress but would also improve geodesy.” (Ian J. Barrow, Making History, Drawing Territory, p. 83-84)"
Excerpted from Online Exhibit by the The University of Michigan Library
More at :

If of interest:
A Memoir On The Indian Surveys. 2nd Ed.
by Clements R Markham, Published 1878

A map showing the triangles and transects used in the survey, produced in 1870

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Theater of the Fingers at the Infinity Pool: conversation, fragments, figments, a virtuereal music lesson. The work (and study) gets done in an immersive collaborative sensemaking experience (ICSE)

"A man was living in a spacious penthouse. He kept noticing things that were slightly out of order," said Eden, "like beads of water in the shower when he returned home, and misplaced furniture, and missing food.

"One day he set up a video system to record what was happening while he was away. It turned out a woman had been hiding in a cabinet, coming out when he was gone. This had been going on for months if not years. Of course as he was watching the video he realized that she was there at that moment."

"Wow" said Ron.

"It is a real story, and the basis for my horror-story writing assignment at school. It really creeps me out… Maybe our conversation turned down this path when I scratched out the creaky sounds on the bass strings?"

"They sounded like the Inner Sanctum door," said Ron:

Door creak at 0:21
(The Wailing Wall - Boris Karloff)

"Also" said Eden, "it was your comment about Theater of the Mind --"

"-- You changed it to Theater of the Fingers for the story of your fingers on the bass," said Ron. "That gives me an idea…"
"This is my most vivid memory of my visit to Guatemala: the Infinity Pool overlooking Lake Atitlán, "said Eden. "When you're in the pool it looks like it merges with the lake."

"Beautiful" said Ron.

"The outline of the pool is the shape of the bass line fingering we are studying," said Eden. "This is how my fingers see the world of the fretboard, just like we see the real world, with places to go and things to do."

"Theater of the Fingers," said Ron, "in the rich setting of your visit to Antigua in the central highlands of Guatemala, with its backstory of your personal experiences of the deep culture, ceremony and art of people there, and your trip to Mayan villages around Lake Atitlán, and to the Infinity Pool, with no end to the story."

"After I completed the horror story assignment," said Eden, "I would think to myself that no matter how unlikely, there might be something hiding in the closet."

"Right," said Ron, "anything is possible. And there is no end to paranoid possibilities. After I saw (the original) The Thing I couldn't eat carrots for six months because The Thing's body was made of vegetable matter.

"The opposite of paranoia is pronoia, the sense that circumstances, or the universe, are working to help you. There is no end to possibilities in the Theater of the Mind."


"Now that the bass line is imbedded in real-life memory," said Ron, "the memory still does not have anything to do with the bass line's song."

"No it doesn't" said Eden.

"But that is not unusual," said Ron. "Music is like that. Most of us have re-experienced memories associated with a song, which have nothing to do with the song's story, but everything to do with our personal story.  

"We are just doing it on purpose here, like an actor keying into a remembered emotion, to make the bass line personal, memorable, and performable:"

"The song had nothing to do with Lake Atitlán," said Eden, "until now."

Eden and Ron looked out across the emerald water under the cobalt sky of Lake Atitlán.
Anything is possible in the Infinity Pool, they thought.

(Roller Coaster - Bleachers)

- Reprinted from Sceenius:

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The three-second rule

When a compliment is received, eg "You have good character," enjoy the rush of satisfaction, process it for three seconds and move on.

Similarly when a mistake is made, eg resources were accidentally wasted, experience the rush of dissatisfaction at a level appropriate to the mistake, process it for three seconds and move on.

Moving on means doing next whatever is appropriate, or whatever is going to be done in any case. It may or may not include conscious analysis and schematic development that take into account what just happened three seconds ago.

What it will not include is prolonged release of endorphins or adrenaline into the bloodstream, perpetuating a cycle of mechanical replay of the experience, whether satisfying or stressful.

Bypassing these endless loops of memory replay leaves more time and energy for living and creative production.

What it takes to do this is to be aware that something is happening and to turn off its alert  signal before proceeding. Otherwise the constant stream of psychological alarms, buzzers and flashing indicator lights sets up a neurohabituation that becomes hard to attenuate, experienced eg as addiction to suffering.

Reducing unnecessary playback of experiences allows a move to a #levelup of life experience and action -- personally, organizationally and universally.

"A player may not remain in their free-throw lane for more than 3 seconds while their team is in control of the ball in the frontcourt"
- World Basketball Seminar Clinic Book, paraphrased


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Crystal ball Nepal: How do we design the future?

Nepal's extremes in many dimensions make it a highly readable barometer of life's conditions. The people, divided by caste, religion, ethnicity, and politics are stitched together in a social quilt which mirrors the country's radically exaggerated terrain, weather, and ecosystem.

Nepal is therefore a crystal ball into which we can project the world's social, organizational and political conditions, and see the jobs, pains and potential gains they entail, reflected in exaggerated relief.

Conditions of flow vs bureaucracy, lack of generative review, and reliance on threats and penalties in business culture, thwart realization of gains in Nepal and the world. All of this is set in a backstory of old emotions, grievances, loves and beliefs.

Backstory and current news:

The Nepal Blogs - Composed in the Immersion Lab at in virtuereal Nepal (2-7-16):

Wonders of high Nepal

Sherpa guides of Nepal

Flatlands of Nepal: the Terai

The nomadic Raute people of Nepal

Nepal business: a tough road

Nepal trekking: Onward and upward

Crystal ball Nepal: How do we design the future?

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Oenfi, who had waited in the cave for 3 billion turns around the Sun, since before Sagarmatha (Chomolungma, Mt Everest), before Gondwana, before Pangaea, Pannotia, Rodinia, and other great landmasses -- who had since the time of Ur, waited -- Oenfi, waited..
Mysteries of the Ç®¥§†åÏ Çå√∑
Oenfi, who had waited in the cave for 3 billion turns around the Sun, since before Sagarmatha (Chomolungma, Mt Everest), before Gondwana, before Pangaea, Pannotia, Rodinia, and other great landmasses -- who had since the time of Ur, waited -- Oenfi.. waited.

It was necessary to wait because that is how long it takes to get the work done. Oenfi had all the time in the world -- all the time in the world and no more.

Crystal Cave theme mp3

"Ok, there it is!" said +Joachim Stroh, leading the Sagarmatha virtuereal climbing party deeper into the metaphorical mountain cave system.

+Elwin Green felt a type of fear. Not terror… But definitely a feeling that requires… trust. At the end of the cave corridor a bluish light emanated from the sanctum of the crystal cave.

"Onward!" said Elwin.

The travelers edged down the icy corridor toward the light at the end of the tunnel.

Oenfi felt a thought unfold, experienced it for a while, then another thought unfolded. Each thought was connected by threads to other thoughts and ideational forces in Oenfi's mind, and in neighboring and far distant minds, and interacted with external surroundings near and far.

What defines a meme? -Smithsonian 

A new thought unfolded, along threads connecting with the minds of the tunnel travelers:

"If it is scenius I see no reason it couldn't turn out to be a big deal," said @ +Michael Josefowicz. "If there is any way my team can help, just let us know. The time is always Now. As we say on the team -- onward, ever onward!"

Methodology, part 5: Situational Leadership -John Kellden 

"Some of the ice blocks are very loose" said Joachim.

"Easy does it.." said +Ron Scroggin 

"Oops!" said Elwin.

"You ok?" said Joachim.

"Yeah, I'm good, thanks!"

"This way," said Joachim. "Walk slowly here, very icy. Clip on the ropes along the wall."

"Right behind you" said +John Kellden 

"Plenty of crystals around here" said Joachim.

"Wow" said Elwin.

"We discovered the cave on one of our first trips to Base Camp."

"I could almost find my way blindfolded by now" said John.

"We're almost there, right?" said Elwin.

Like Dharan in Eastern Nepal, a channel and hub of trade and tourism which sits where the mountains meet the plains, the Cave is a natural transfer point along the virtual/actual spectrum, where everyday ground level experience, and extraordinary peak experience exert equal pull. It is effectively the Cave Between the Worlds.

The House Between the Worlds -Marion Zimmer Bradley  ]

Flatlands of Nepal: The Terai

Oenfi experienced the jubilant thought of the exploring team: "We found the Crystal Cave!"

"Yay!" Said Joachim.

"Oh. My. God." said Elwin.

Blue light shone through the billowing crystal roof of the cavernous underground auditorium. The roof was distantly high and the other end of the cave was undiscernable.

There was a blue crystal on the floor.

Elwin turned, and drew near to John. "Dude… thanks for not keeping this to yourself."

Some time later, or was it? Time is hard to pin down in the Cave. It is right on the virtuereal fulcrum of time and timelessness. Sometimes days go by in an hour. Sometimes nothing happens for weeks:

"Hi Esteban. I am rambling around these story points collecting meaning for a post," said Ron.

"I have an open link to this place" said @Esteban Trev. "I like the music."

"Glad you like it.."

"I'm about to post something regarding value proposition format in the FB post in which @ +Finn Jackson presented a 7 point co-evolution…" said Esteban.

"Cool. If it is convenient you could tag me so I check it out"

Oenfi breathed..

Value proposition…
_____ (the initiative product/service/act)
helps (who)
to do (what)
by fixing _____
and enabling _____" said Esteban.

tag Ron Scroggin

"Yes, I am sure that could be part of it" said Finn.

"A living story, outcome unknown, provides a compass for wayfinders by tapping into the roots of ancient human neuroevolution, and creating an enaction space for empathic transformation," said Ron.

"I really like this part about 'an enaction space for empathic transformation'!" said @Trudy Martinez. "I am an empath and new to facebook. I am coming to realize that empathy is quite possible in digital space and does not require in-person contact or ever even meeting a person. A group like ‪John Kellden‬'s Conversation can establish empathy connections between people who have never met.

"And, actually, it seems to me, (@Mark Larkento‬ ) that these connections augment and reinforce the potential problem solving capabilities of the group if the individuals involved can allow curiosity and inclusivity as pertains to this empathy connection."

21C Enaction: Social Presence -John Kellden

"What is driving all the nodal flows, decisions and actions is the nature of the edges" -John Kellden

Oenfi felt the streams of meaning and their interactions, flowing inward, the inbreath of awareness, and joy.

This is what I was born for, Mother Sagarmatha.

Oenfi breathed out.

And waited.

Everest facts for kids

Indian plate


image and music - +Ron Scroggin 

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Nepal Business
Nepal is landlocked between China and India. World demand for the country’s exports is growing. Most goods going overseas have to be shipped to the port of Kolkata in India, a land journey of 1-3 weeks. The road from Kathmandu to Kolkata is long and hard.

Nepal’s agrarian economy employs 75% of people who are working. The Terai, is the most fertile region in the country.

Ancient crossroads of human cultures, Nepal attracts the world to explore its terrain.

Nepal is the world, in extreme microcosm.

In a virtual Nepal, a few of us met, and built a human-oriented psychological workbench for learning, meeting and creating: the Knowledge Expeditions.

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Good to be back in high country
Knowledge Expedition: First night on Sagarmatha
• Highlights from the first (virtual) KE trek to Sagarmatha (Mt Everest) since last summer's quake •

• AFTER GATHERING on the Holodeck, KE trekkers clicked over to the Sagarmatha Café for trip planning, platform familiarization, coffee and tea:

"Hmmm! No coffee for me. Herbal tea?" said +Nadia Korths.

"Sure thing, Nadia" said +Joachim Stroh.

"Peppermint. Cool!" said Nadia. "Water is hot!!!"

"So how many have read the FAQ?" said Esteban Trev.

"I read all 3 pages" said Nadia. "Went by quick."

+John Kellden put some cinnamon buns on the coffee table.

"Here's the plan for today" said Joachim. "The virtual Feynman Airstream will carry us to Lukla Airport. From there we will board the bus that drops us off near Sagarmatha Base Camp."


Nadia:  "Each mean something a tiny bit different yet manifest into a greater whole."

Esteban:  "The bacteria halo around us involves physical/emotional/ideological creatures… in a unique blend that we can identified long past moving through some place…"

Nadia:  "So enaction/scenius is a practice of everyone contributing to become a whole that could not have been otherwise. ongoing process. Like event communication, a term I have found in Native American language and participative inquiry narrative which is a description of how to get everyone involved in something of benefit to them all."

John:  "Nadia, participative narrative inquiry is at the very heart of it. Part of the narrative is inside ourselves, part is between us, eg unfolding in the chat, part is in the immersion in the episodes to follow…"

• ABOARD THE FEYNMAN AIRSTREAM virtual transport vehicle

Joachim on the intercom: "Good evening, folks. Hope you are all enjoying the flight so far. Quantum engines are humming nicely, altitude and speed are according to flight-plan. Please make yourself comfortable and enjoy our in-flight entertainment system."

infinite zoom: the inner universe

"Good video" said +Ron Scroggin.

"Good to know you like the video Ron," said John. "I believe it helps all participants being (on the same page) (in the same immersive sensemaking space)."

"Estimated flight time to quantum jump: 8 minutes," said intercom Joachim.

Hoppipola - Sigur Ros

"Hoppipolla is Icelandic for 'jumping in puddles' which is exactly the disposition required for optimal Knowledge Expedition participation. :)" said John.

"Childlike joy of jumping in puddles over and over," said Nadia.

"A whole new demension, it's good to be away from home, great conversation and an awesome expedition," said +Mike Daniels .

"Exiting quantum space" said Joachim.


NADIA BROUGHT SOUTH AMERICAN LEAVES for the travelers to chew on for altitude acclimatization

THE BUS GOT STUCK ON A MOUNTAIN ROAD and the KE team had to get out and pull (successfully, amid cheers and high fives)

Out of the many thousands who make it to base camp, only about 4.000 reached the summit. Many are happy to make base camp their goal, and some come back year after year to enjoy the camaraderie.

"Beautiful sky today" said Joachim.

"Awesome sky, this is great, I hear the sounds of nature, she's definitely on our side," said Mike.

"Mike, true, she is" said John.

Geologically speaking, the gray rock colors dominating the landscape are metamorphosed gneisses, schists and marbles, interspersed with granite dikes and sills.

There is a large yellow tent.

"We'll stay at Base Camp for a day or 2 to acclimatize," said Joachim. "Tomorrow we'll visit the Ice Cave nearby, weather permitting."

"Like the drawings depictions" said Esteban.

"Ron if John has the compass in order I'd like to walk about and see what I can find," said Mike.

"You can walk around in sight of Base Camp. Watch out for changes in weather though. Could lead to blowing snow and whiteouts," said Ron.

"Understood and heading out, bundled up and I do have my radio with me," said Mike.

The stars are coming out, they are particularly bright at this high altitude. Some travelers are still awake in their tents.

Someone is playing a recording of "Misty Mountains."

On silver necklaces they strung
The flowering stars, on crowns they hung
The dragon-fire, in twisted wire
They meshed the light of moon and sun

"I'm heading into the tent," said Mike. "Going to do a little reading and warming up some tea, see ya'll in the morning and bundle up, stay warm tonight, goodnight."

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Ways of flocking: Refugee, Tribe, Institution, Market, Network, Scenius
21C Transition Magazine: Murmuration
Issue 81 - Sep 21, 2015

"Inside of a network, a catgif is a man's best friend. Outside of a network, it's time for a coffee."

Murmuration. Human beings have six basic sets of boid rules available.

Scrambling, moment to moment, keeping yourself and close significant others, alive any which way works.

Optimizing for close coherent group-think and effective hunting in packs, or skillfully avoiding any which kind of possible threat, if identifying with prey.

Adhering to all rules ensuring a safe clearing in the forest. Building concrete as well as abstract walls around enclosures inside of  which activities reinforcing a sense of control.

Optimizing for win. Devil take the hindmost. A first beginning glimpse of

"The nature of reality is transactional."
-- Alan Watts

Bootstrapping ourselves one degree of freedom beyond markets. Eventually also an anchoring down, including institutional and tribal and refugee modes, thereby transforming these patterns, through non-polarizing discourse and practices.

There's also a sixth set of boid rules. Me +John Kellden , +Joachim Stroh +Joe Raimondo and +Ron Scroggin - we've built a Transmedia Company, and developed a Virtuereality engine, with which participants can explore Virtuereality.

-  Who are you?

(Sagarmatha virtuereality expedition participant)
-  [insert your response to her question, here]

This includes becoming part of your own unfolding storyline, together with other participants, inside a Virtuereal, Immersive, Enactive environment. The company is called Sceenius, 
since it provides an environment, a scene for scenius, scenius being the performing vector out of the collective intelligence of the participants.

Enjoy your continued murmuration together with all other living beings - you are at all times, welcome to share a Virtuereal Coffee at our place, one click away.

21C Transition Magazine
Once a week, a curation often including Conversation Community member posts:

21C Transition Magazine and Monday Magazine  Previous Issues
Issues 1 - 80


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In western Nepal, a group of the Raute people still follow an ancient nomadic hunter-gatherer way of life, staying in one place for a few weeks, then moving on. The trek through monsoon forests at altitudes of 2,000-8,000ft may take 12 years, to cover the full 12,000 square mile territory of the Karnali and Kali river drainages.

+ Raute culture, arts, work, lifestyle:
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