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Is this how low frogs are getting
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I am absolutely disgusted with how mass reporting of a clearly documented spoofing account being used in Baltimore, MD, USA have fallen on deaf ears and blind eyes.

We have reported ENL account "SniffingAround" for many, many incidents of trespassing, playing in places nearly impossible for a normal human being to visit (especially behind gated cemeteries and national parks/monuments during "closed" hours), traveling between portals in outrageously short times (even for TheFlash), and walking on (very cold) water, to name a few.

This account began "playing" and leveling up in Philadelphia, PA, and continued into Washington, DC, among other places, and has been lingering in Baltimore, MD for a month or better. It may have been L9 or L10 upon first arriving in Baltimore, and is now at least L11, maybe L12. With as much time as the account has spent in Baltimore, the player has never met any other players in the area, nor has made any attempts to join the local hangouts. Because of these and the other facts above, I believe with 100% certainty (and without making any false accusations), that the person playing the account has never walked a single footstep on our beautiful land.

Its initial actions seemed to be in the interest of gaining AP and capturing uniques, etc; but within the last couple weeks, it has earnestly interfered with its own team (supposedly) ENL efforts to keep massive standing fields in place to maintain a score advantage. This, via derping the lanes for these fields, with blatant and ridiculous starburst linking. This, after the account even performed the massive standing field on its own, twice, (albeit, both times with a severely reduced presentation, due to ignorance of the spoofer), shortly after it began haunting the Baltimore area.

Despite concentrated reports to the Ingress Help site, with proper evidence and documentation of the spoofer's unacceptable gameplay, the "SniffingAround" account remains and continues to play in Baltimore, MD today. I wonder how much more evidence is required to get this account removed from the game. Or what it will take to guide someone with power to put and end to this nonsense. This account is ruining the game for several players, some who would rather quit than continue to play fair.

Its most recent offense today, was to ADA its own team's 23 layer field (which had just made 06:00 checkpoint); and replaced it with derps and significantly lower valued fields, even an empty black hole field, no less. The screenshots below are of the field, the spoofing account's actions to ADA the field, and what it left in place of the field. Its own team's field! Before RES even had a chance to come kill it for AP! How is that even acceptable game play? If I were to speculate, the account is most likely encouraged if not outright commissioned by RES, who are vastly outnumbered and losing in the area.

This concludes my rant. We will mostly likely go on and play fair and continue to win in our area, despite the unfortunate interference from this troubled individual.

I beg, if anyone has any means to spread this message to someone who can take action to stop this account from playing; we in Baltimore would be grateful.

Thank you for reading.

#Ingress #144ForLife #BaltimoreENL #cheaterssuck
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