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Learn how music works!
Learn how music works!

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Look what's coming to your iOS and Android devices really soon! Ya queda menos! And we've been supported by the amazing music of Ernesto Aurignac (!!

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Monk has created the new Ernesto Aurignac website in a new collaboration with this fantastic and amazing alto sax player from Málaga. #ernestoaurignac #jazz #jazzspain #monk #music  

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Make music with Windows Phone apps #windowsphone #nokia #music 

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Monk ya está en vuestra Windows Store para vuestros dispositivos Windows 8.1!

Monk is already available for Windows 8.1 devices. Go get it! #windows8.1 #windows #windowsstore  

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Featured in the @windowsstore !!
En portada!!
 #Monk #wp8 #wpdev @dvlup @NokiaSpain  #Music

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Guess who's one of the 5 favorites from Nokia Conversations!!

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Nice review from wpcentral!!
Check it out!!

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En portada del Nokia News Ireland Daily!!
We're on the first article of the Nokia News Ireland Daily!!
#wp8 #monk #windowsphone
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