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Nicolai Larsen
Web Development, Linux, Open Source, Bitcoin, The Venus Project, Entrepreneurship, & Gaming.
Web Development, Linux, Open Source, Bitcoin, The Venus Project, Entrepreneurship, & Gaming.

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How many would be interested in using Shout IRC as their IRC chat?

With inspiration from the Telegram Group, I thought we could also have a group for us Tox users. So add me and I'll invite you to the group.

Does anyone know of a local web server package that's available for Solus?

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Light panic attack as I was running around the house looking for my charger XD

(i made it!)

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Hi guys.

I got a problem on my laptop with some graphical glitches in the game Crusader Kings 2.

Check the video for the glitch I'm talking about.

This glitch is not present in Solus, so I don't know what happens.

I played around with Compositor and installed latest Intel driver with "Intel graphics Installer for Linux", but that didn't work either.

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Someone made a sculpture of the Solus logo! Kinda :P

Hi all!

I'm in love with this distro. It looks really good and feels so lightweight.

I was wondering if it's possible to edit the look of the dock somehow? I like the way the icons work in "Efficient Mode", but the dock is too big, where in "Classic Mode" the size is just perfect, but the icons becomes tabs when opened, which I don't like...

Is there any way to mix the two modes?

Hi all. I really love Kubuntu, but I seem to be having a weird issue. When I'm playing a video in Dragon Player and puts it into full screen, I get thrown to the login screen. I'm guessing KDE desktop crashes, but why? Never had this problem with any Linux distribution before.

It's a 2 year old laptop with Intel HD graphics and I'm running 15.10 on it.

Hope someone can help :)

Does anyone know if it's possible to have the taskbar/panel work like in windows 10? Like if I have added an app to the panel and I open it, it will show a new tab in the panel. But instead, I would like it like in Windows 10.
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