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Some of my shots from today shoot at the Red Bull Cliff Diving World Series 2011 stop in Boston. Now you can see the reason I brought a tripod to take sports shots! ;-) I have always wanted to do sequence shots of divers and you couldnt ask for a better setting. There had to be at least 5000 people there watching the event which made impossible to try to get to other locations.
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Very cool, Jeff! I wish we had more stuff like this in Louisville!
Thanks Alex! Yeah we are pretty lucky here in Boston to have tons of stuff like this every summer
You guys are lucky! We have an Ironman and the Kentucky Derby, but neither of those are easy to get into. At least I'm going to Vegas in two weeks!
sweet, ill be there! make sure to say hi! im hard to miss, big dude, kickass goatee and mohawk =)
Lol! Will do! What classes are you looking forward to the most?
No kidding! That one's gonna be spectacular!
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