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Bree Ash
Your source of questionable writing advice.
Your source of questionable writing advice.

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How to Kill Off Your Characters (Without Pissing Off Your Readers)
As writers we want to illicit strong emotions in our readers -- if readers are upset because a character died, that's one thing, but if they're upset at the author because of how the death was handled, that is another thing entirely... #writingtips #aspiringauthor #writing  

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How To Rewrite
So. I just finally finished the second draft of my book. And I learned a lot about the process of rewriting. The main thing I learned? The thing that I can't believe no one told me? Rewriting is just writing.  Yes. That's the secret. I always had this idea ...

Just rewrote a scene entirely and it's roughly a zillion times better than the previous version. It's surprising how, after such a short time since writing it the first time, I can be this ashamed at the fact that I actually thought it was good. x) Now if I can just manage this for all the other five million scenes that need rewriting, I'll be golden.

Just got home from roller derby!

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Are you afraid of hurting your characters? This might help.

Having a serious case of writer's block here with my rewrite. I know which scenes need to go and am ready to ruthlessly delete them. I just can't figure out what to replace them with. And meanwhile I'm sitting around reading about query letters and daydreaming about being signed by my dream agency. Haha ha ha ha. Ha. x)

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Have a scene that's dragging your story down? When in doubt, add conflict/tension! Agree/disagree with me? Can you think of more ideas for adding tension and conflict?

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Have a scene that's dragging your story down? When in doubt, add conflict! Can you think of any more types of tension or conflict?

I FINALLY figured out the details of my new plot ideas, and how everything ties in together into the end. I can't believe that just a week or two go, I thought I might be ready to query my novel after a few surface edits. I wonder how many people get turned down for publishing simply because they didn't let their ideas 'cook' enough before beginning to query? :O

I had a dream last night that I signed with my dream agent. Obviously it's meant to be. ::Looks at mess of a novel, of which at least 60% has to go:: Oh, wait.... x)
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