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Digital Photography Tips and Techniques and News.
Digital Photography Tips and Techniques and News.


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Wishing all our readers Happy Holidays and the very best for 2017!!!

Xmas Photography Tips & Techniques:

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Hey fellow photogs! :) Want some help with your photography? Then don't miss this Amazing Black Friday Sale!!!
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The Exposure Guide Crew

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Thanksgiving Photography Tips

Thanksgiving starts the holiday season and highlights autumn’s harvest with the anticipation of the coming winter. The winter holidays present interesting opportunities for photographers because of their festive nature, the gathering of family, and the picturesque decorations that come out in force. This is a time to create memorable, emotion-invoking images that will be enjoyed by your family for years (and generations) to come.

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Summer Photography Tips and Techniques:

Being on the beach is all about fun, so make sure you capture the enjoyment. Get your friends or family to run on the sand; set the mode dial to M (Manual mode) and use a shutter speed of at least 1/500th of a second to freeze the movement. Use a relatively small or medium aperture (f/8-f/16) for a deeper DOF (depth of field). Set the lens focus mode to AF (Autofocus) and select continuous focusing (AI Servo AF Canon/AF-C Nikon) mode so that the lens can constantly maintain its focus on the moving subjects. Remember to protect your camera and lens from possible sand being kicked in your direction; always use a clear UV filter to protect the lens and electrical tape around the area where the lens fits onto the camera body.
Read more techniques here:

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Amazing Long Exposure Photography Tips
Learn how to do light painting and long exposures just like the pros! Over 10 mind-boggling optical illusions that will fool the eyes of the less observant and less knowledgeable, but won’t fool you once you read this module. Learn about forced perspective, transparent scenes, rotated perspective, shaped bokeh effects and birefringence.

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Bird’s-Eye View of Earth’s Endless Formations and Shapes

#Photographer Alban Henderyckx shares with us aerial views of the Earth’s endless formations and shapes. From jagged lines of rocks down by the ocean to geysers spouting away in snow and ice, Henderyckx photographs all the #topography details and colors superbly.

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Photographer Captures the “Van Life” While on a Scenic Road Trip Across America

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Cyber Monday Sale – 50% Off Selected eBooks!!!

Looking to improve your photography? Photography Concentrate have 12 tutorials that will help you with your skills, ranging from beginner to pro. And today every single one is 50% off!

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