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Share responsibility for repeating, day-to-day tasks.
Share responsibility for repeating, day-to-day tasks.

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If you've got work to share around a company on a regular basis, you might immediately start making a rota, but BEWARE - rotas are lies...

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Team's aren't always more productive than individuals, and sometimes they can actually be worse. Understanding why is the key to turning that around.

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Harmonia isn't a replacement for project-based task managers like Basecamp, Trello or Asana.

It's a complementary tool to help keep your team running well, so you can more effectively tackle the projects using those other tools!

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New on the blog: Getting things done in teams.

There are a few central practices in the GTD system that apply equally to Harmonia, most notably sacrificing a little bit of personal autonomy in order to achieve more success in the long run. Find out more in the blog post!
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