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Why you need to have your brakes checked regularly!

Brakes are the most important safety feature on your vehicle.  This is what brings you to a stop safely and sometimes in the event of an emergency. 

On newer vehicles, the brakes are integral with the vehicle’s many computers, such as ABS (Anti-Lock Brakes), Traction Control, Anti-Skid Control and many other systems.  If the brakes need servicing, it will affect other safety features of your vehicle.

So what are some of the signs that you may need a brake service?

Strange Sounds when you apply the brakes?
Most vehicles today are outfitted with disc brakes on all four wheels and all are outfitted with disc brakes on the front.  Disc brake pads have wear indicators installed on them that start making a squeaking noise when your pads get down to the remaining 20% of your pads thickness telling you that it is time for new brake pads.  It is cost effective to replace the pads early so you do not run the risk of damaging other brake parts, such as rotors and Calipers.  Beyond that noise, if you hear a grinding noise like metal to metal, then that means that brake pads are completely gone and steel plates the pads were attached to are now stopping your vehicle.  It won’t be long until the brakes fail completely causing you to not be able to stop the vehicle. 

If you hear any strange noises coming from your vehicle’s brake system then bring it by for a free brake inspection or call us at 678-971-1072

Does your vehicle pull to the right or the left when you apply the brakes?

If it does, then there might be a serious problem within the brake system.  There might be a stuck caliper or a damaged brake line.  You could have a brake proportioning valve that is bad or has developed other problems.

It may not be brakes at all, it could be from other issues such as tires or steering/suspension issues from wear or other reasons. 

If you feel any pull while driving, bring your vehicle by for a free inspection, or call us at 678-971-1072

Does the vehicle shake or vibrate when you apply the brakes?

In most cases, this means the front brakes has warped rotors.  This is caused from over stressed braking, such as stopping in an emergency from high speeds.   New rotors and pads on the front axle will cure this problem quickly.  In some cases, this could also be caused from misalignment of the front wheels. 

Either way, be sure to come by for a free brake inspection or free alignment check with our state of the art alignment equipment from Hunter, or call us at 678-971-1072.

Do you have a soft brake pedal or do the brakes grab when applied?

A soft pedal, one that goes practically to the floor before engaging the brakes, could indicate worn pads or a problem with the hydraulic system, such as air in the line, an air leak or a brake fluid leak. To check for a fluid leak, put an old white sheet or piece of light cardboard under the car overnight. In the morning, examine any fluid that collects. Brake fluid will be practically clear and the consistency of cooking oil.

The opposite of a soft pedal is one that causes the brakes to grab immediately at the slightest touch. This could indicate an unevenly worn rotor, dirty brake fluid or contamination of the fluid by moisture. We can quickly flush out the old fluid and replace it with new synthetic brake fluid.

If it seems impossible to stop your vehicle, you might have a brake line obstruction or a problem with the vacuum system.  Both situations would make the brake pedal extremely hard to operate and require immediate servicing.

Bring your vehicle by for a free brake inspection or call us at 678-971-1072
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