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Wug Fresh
Developer of Nexus Root Toolkit, and much more soon to come!
Developer of Nexus Root Toolkit, and much more soon to come!

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.9 Released! - When google switched over from utilizing TGZ factory packs to ZIP style, it broke NRT's native support for flashing newly released factory images. Additionally by repackaging all their published factory images as ZIPs they ultimately changed the hashvalues and file names for each one listed on their website. For these reasons, numerous changes had to be made on my end, including downloading and reuploading 300+GB of files, updating my scripts which manage the masterlists, and rebuilding a complete (merged) archive of every factory image package released (both ZIP and TGZ). This new version now fully supports the new ZIP style factory packages, while remaining backwards compatible with the older previous TGZ style factory packages. Some other changes and upgrades are included as well.

From the changelog:
· Support for Googles new ZIP style factory images.
· Changes to support Chainfires new SuperSU Service Release (SR) naming convention.
· New toggle in flash stock interface to show or hide an extended factory image list.
· OEM Lock script now also checks for ‘enable OEM unlocking’ setting (requirement) on select devices.
· Update to latest SDK platform tools.
· Additional automation updates to backend dev-machine systems to speed extended build support.

That's all for now! Enjoy! ^_^

#Android #Nougat #Root #NexusRootToolkit

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.8 Released! - Not sure what day or time it is anymore, but here it is! :) After going full matrix mode on this one, I am back from codeland with this fast-tracked update for you all. Full #nougat  support for the recently released factory images, IE #PixelC   #Nexus9  Wifi and #NexusPlayer . Major updates to my backend automation systems for faster NRT updating for future android releases, and some quick fixes for XP users.

Head over to my website, or if you are already an NRT user - grab it through the kits in-built updater.

Enjoy! ^_^

#Nougat   #Rooted   #24hours   #NexusRootToolkit   #Android  

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.7 Released! - This version brings lots of small fixes and improvements as well as a brand new utility for managing and merging custom build.prop tweaks.

Still waiting for google to release official 7.0 factory packs. When those are released, I will work towards extending support for those new releases.

From the changelog:
· New ‘Tweak Build.prop’ utility added which allows managing and merging custom tweaks.
· Manual hashcheck interface now supports SHA1 and SHA256 in addition to MD5 sums.
· Automatic ‘OEM Unlocking’ Enabled/Disabled detection integrated into unlock script.
· New hands-free system for enabling ‘OEM Unlocking’ in developer options (in case users touchscreen is broken).
· Live progress percentage in log for adb push/pull operations.
· Device specific ‘no-force-encrypt’ requirements for android N rooting.
· Dynamic version equivalence understanding for letter versions (L, M, N, etc) via ASCII conversions.
· More in-built adb timeout functions to handle unexpected hangs.
· More in-built error checking for handling arrays.
· Contacts backup script updated with more automation and better instructions.
· SMS backups and Call Log backups consolidated to one feature.
· Applying custom ROM Vendor.img added to automated ‘Flash Zips’ interface.
· Streamlined and decluttered live log output.
· Added an ‘Always on top’ toggle to Live Log.
· Cleaned up spacing in all information MsgBoxes.
· Link launching function revised for improved compatiblity with all Windows versions.
· Latest STABLE-BRANCH SDK dev android platform tools utilized.
· General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes.


That's all for now!

Enjoy! ^_^

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.6 Released! - Hello everyone, thank you for your patience! I am proud to announce the new release of NRT. In my limited free time I have been steadily cranking out some new code to extend full support to the Pixel C, and also full support for android N-preview builds! And even more importantly (For the future of NRT) - I have revised many scripts on my end to further streamline my updating process to support new builds more rapidly.

From the changelog:
· Pixel C fully supported.
· Android N-Preview fully supported.
· Device encryption status detection.
· Updated root flow for devices which require decryption before TWRP will boot properly.
· Updated flashstock.bat to automatically revert to Fastboot erase cmd if Fastboot format cmd generates the 'Formatting not supported' error due to f2fs.
· Latest SDK dev android platform tools utilized
· Bug fix: cancelling the zip flash confirmation in advanced utilities will now properly halt the operation.
· Bug fix: 'About NRT' is properly working again.
· General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes.

Stay tuned for more updates! Numerous other features are in the works but I wanted to get this release out asap to extend support to latest devices and builds. Cheers!

That's all for now!

Enjoy!! ^_^

{{ WugFresh }}

#PixelC   #AndroidN    #Rooting   #NRT   #NexusRootToolkit   #WugFresh   #androidmarshmallow  

#NexusRootToolkit - Need testers who are running N-preview 2 with an unlocked bootloader for the following devices:

Nexus 6 (SHAMU)
Nexus 6P (ANGLER) <-- thanks Carl Beck [confirmed working]
Nexus 9 (VOLANTIS)

Should only take a minute.

Please post right here if you are available now to help.


{{ WugFresh }}

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.5 Releaesd! - Thanks for everyone patience on this release, I know its been much longer than normal. I will be making updates more frequently moving forward, and vow to keep up with all the new android releases as quickly as possible. I spent a great deal of time automating more stuff on my end this release to aid in maintaining this project and the numerous updates to come. This project will keep going!

From Changelog:
· Extended support to the latest Marshmallow builds.
· Partial support for the latest N preview builds (automated root support still in progress).
· Support for TWRP’s new file naming/versioning convention.
· Support for SuperSU’s new file naming/versioning convention.
· Elimination of the depreciated Koush superuser as an option.
· Extended the default wait time for adb recovery device detection and retry detection.
· General optimizations, code improvements and bugfixes.

Working on Pixel C support and full automated rooting support for N-preview builds. Stay tuned!

Enjoy! ^_^

#Android #Marshmallow #Nexus

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#NexusRootToolkit v2.1.1 Released!

· Full Marshmallow automation for all NRT features!
· New system that no longer relies on modified boot.imgs but rather uses TWRP’s adb root shell.
· Full adoption of chainfires autopatching systemless root method.
· Most fully automated features will now also work in ‘Any Build’ mode due to the new method which doesn’t require modified boot.imgs.
· Nexus Player scripts updated.
· Bug fixes.

Enjoy! ^_^

EDIT: All set now! - Thanks to those who helped!

#NexusRootToolkit v2.1.1 is currently in the works with some great simplifications!

Would like to double check a few things for some devices I don't have on hand. If you are available for a few minutes and have one of the following devices, please let me know ASAP:

Nexus 6
Nexus 6P
Nexus 10
Nexus 9
Nexus 7 v2

* The checks I need to perform won't require your device to be unlocked or rooted. You just need NRT installed.

Cheers! Thank you! Stay tuned!

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.1.0 Released!
· Bug fixes.
· Latest Masterlists included.
· Flashstock revisions.
· Revised and improved dynamic adb operation timeout functions.

Enjoy! ^_^

{{ WugFresh }}

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Nexus Root Toolkit v2.0.7 Released! - Root support for all the new Marshmallow builds, support for Neuxs Player and the two new Nexus devices (5X, 6P), enhanced adb push and pull haschecking validation system, improved flash stock script, increased fail safes and device checks, more informational messages, various bug fixes and improvements.

For anyone who experience bugs in v2.0.6 my sincere apologies, I have worked hard to resolve them quickly and get this v2.0.7 release out for everyone. Make sure you are running the latest masterlists (currently: Masterlists v3090).

Stay tuned for more updates!

#NexusRootToolkit #NRT #Android #Nexus #Nexus5X #Nexus6P #NexusPlayer

Enjoy! ^_^

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