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BANGSHOCK - Ideas that move. We're a media company creating engaging video and photography content to captivate your audience.
BANGSHOCK - Ideas that move. We're a media company creating engaging video and photography content to captivate your audience.


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Here's an all to common #problem  we have as a  #photographers


A local aspiring #Vancouver   #Fashion  Blogger takes my #photos without requesting permission and without providing credit. I asked her to comply with the basic copyright guidelines she should know as a blogger; this is of-course copyright infringement. All my photos are embedded with Meta data so this is what I use to track and trace incidents such as this.

I can't emphasize this enough basic rules when it comes to copyright material she should know this, right? 

Her response was comical and says I'm threatening her? lol Read the below this what was from the comment section.

'Very serious threats considering I am in the photos from my friends birthday. Rude comments and threats like this are not going to get you a good reputation as a photographer. Your photo’s are gone because really my outfit is all that matters anyways. I would have gladly credited your work if your comment wasn’t so rude. I hope Philip reconsiders you as his photographer next year.'  

Now she is going to discredit me to clients and people I have photographed private events for, over the last 3 years. Such an overly dramatic response, but this is just probably a character trait of local aspiring fashion bloggers? 
How often does this happen to others as:  #photograhers , #musicans , #FashionDesigners  or #creatives ? Was my response fair?

Is #Watermarking  really the only solution? I don't water mark because I like to keep my images clean of graphics maybe it's my fault?

In my contracts the client agrees to credit me and my company when they share via social media. I'm not concerned about portions of my work that fall through this hole since I'm please that my work is being promoted but at least be professional.

Anyway just thought about standing my ground on this one. Let me know what you think or better yet let her know maybe she'll get some comments about her 'cute' little outfit. #LetmetakeAselfie  

At least she removed my photos. :)

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Here's our latest #BTS, R4 blog post video project. We share some techniques and tips used to capture #Vancouver's newest high-rise #build; the #MNPTower in Coal Harbour's business district. What do you think of the newest addition to the city of Glass?

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#Vancouver's growing very rapidly each year. #RFour Contracting is a big contributor to the cities growth. Here is our latest video project that reveals who RFour is and their highly specialized construction procedures. This is a shot of their current build, the #new #MNPTower in downtown Vancouver, #CoalHarbour, a fine addition to the Business District.

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Sunday afternoon compositing a photo by @JohnnyMilkovich process here...   #adobe #photoshop 
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BANG - BOOM - NAB 2014 - Our latest blog post as we navigate our video production business BANGSHOCK

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We've added a new photo gallery to our online store. 

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BANGSHOCK photos chosen to represent the national website of +Lexus Canada. All eight photos you see in the slider we're captured by us. Very cool to have made it to this point in our business, a big accomplishment we are proud of. 

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Here's a shot of the show's Title sequence using our footage. Very cool to see something like this. These guys put in a lot of hard work to create this web series, it was all on there own time and finances. Good luck to them, if you have the time to watch the show it's worth your while and would be an appreciated sign of support.

Here's our small role in the @sadinvan webseries. Find out more about this great home grown #comedy & our scenes  

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Tonight! Tonight! BANGSHOCK's latest video is now online. Another #ExtremeCity #fight vid from #Pattaya #Thailand. 

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BANGSHOCK's latest video is now online. Straight out the #ExtremeCity of #Pattaya #Thailand, titled "The Art of Eight Limbs." Are you ready to Watch Art in Motion? If your ever in Pattaya be sure to take in live #MuayThai fights at SuperFightThepprasitPattaya
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