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Woopsy! I have a test tonight where I didn't start to study yet.... and I am still in FB now? XS

Yikes! Just finish amending my slides and it's 3am adi. Gonna take a quick nap b4 preparing for the viva later. I need more luck that I think I do, so please wishs for me too? puppy eyes

Yawn... keep procrastinating till time to sleep. I promise I will wake up early and swallow that Sh!t in before meeting tomorrow >.<

Feel so tired that I have to travel from Melaka to home at North of K.L tomorrow, then back to Putrajaya at South of K.L for the #napbas. If a get a room to groom myself before the start of #napbas, I might not need to back home and come back to Putrajaya on evening for the hassle ~

Test, presentation, interview, assignment, video editing... everything flock in my schedule next week!

9 blog post in the draft. Man! I never had such number of post in draft in my blogging history but no time to complete it >.<

The 2 names I h8 tonight: Wigner & Willian. Once in my life time I h8 Shannon & Maxwell less. Do u know all these names r related 2 signals?

The more I study, the more it push me to become a researcher which is further to my expectation to life. Should I u-turn or follow the flow?

I once hate all these differentiation, integration, statistic etc. I can't believe I ACTUALLY Choose this topic as my FYP. I guess I am good in self-touturing >.<
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