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ten years on Twitter
So, today it's been ten years. collecting those pixels — per stromsjo (@stromsjo) July 6, 2007 I recall the feeling when Twitter was new. Open, global dialogue. As a user, I was in control. There were no curating algorithms adding unwanted content - promote...

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on standards in Sollentuna
Ever wondered where standards (such as the ISO 27000 ) come from? Guess what? Somebody has to devise, write, publish and maintain them! That's what technical committees are for. Standards are a global matter and I'm honoured to be part of (Technical Committ...

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on requirements in Umeå
To end five hectic days of teaching, I gave an updated version of my "KRAV-märkt" talk on Security Requirements as a lunch seminar at Umeå University together with Omegapoint colleagues. The audience made a word cloud about Security Req's ("necessary" was t...

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on capabilities in Östersund
I was honoured to give a guest lecture in Östersund at the Mid Sweden University Political Science course Policy-Making During Crises in Society . Giving a practitioner's view on InfoSec and Continuity Risk, I chose to focus on key capabilities for organisa...

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on archiving and agility
I was glad to see last week's Technical Infosec course fully booked. This time I added a session on backup and archiving . Availability from a preservation perspective is becoming increasingly important as archives are being digitised. We did a "100 points"...

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using smartphones in the classroom
In this week's course Operational Infosec , we experimented with Mentimeter . I had prepared a set of questions, and participants used their phones to answer. They voted on how to spend resources among Software Security practices : Also on the relative cost...

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a bit late in life, but I'm finally developing an interest in art.

here's one of my fav actors talking about how, one day, art made all the difference.

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Save the date - Security Informatics mingle coming up
Save the date! Tuesday April 18th, SAISec will be hosting an evening networking activity in Stockholm for current students of Information Security as well as industry professionals. Drop a line to for more info.

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Security Mingle: "Thesis and Future"
Save the date! On April 18th, SAISec will be hosting a "security mingle" in central Stockholm for new and (slightly) older students of Security Informatics at DSV. It will be an opportunity for current Master's students to present their thesis, grab a sandw...

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on the limitations of PPT
Building blocks of security are people , processes and technology ("PPT"). These days we rely more on technology than we used to. Also, the amount of these ingredients will vary between organisations. Think of a highly regulated large entity, such as a bank...
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