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Show Repetition
We have often thought about it, but never noticed it.  Every show today - Muse, Norm and D, BaD, Hardline - addressed the miracle of Dak Prescott throwing away a Gatorade cup at yesterday's football game. It felt like listening to the same segment four time...

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Who Is Line 4 Guy
Rhett Miller is hanging around BaD today. He even stuck around for WTDS. He threw the rare direct address to Line 4 Guy. We rarely (once a week) here a host directly converse with Line 4 Guy. When they do, it is superficial and non-inquisitive. But RM went ...

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Killing It
Yea we looked at the ratings last week, and the Ticket is killing it. Ratings, and interpreting them, is a beating. They serve as a general metric to tell us how the station is doing. But you don't need ratings to realize that the Ticket is killing it right...

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Seamless Transition
Doubt that many people tuned in this morning right at 5:30 to see what the Ticket would offer us in terms of a new Ticker man. Well, we did. And if you did your research online.... well whatever. Dick Hick's departure left a big void in responsibility and t...

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63,000 Ticket Tickers
At a station where the status quo is the norm, and any change like this one happens rarely, the departure of Rich Phillips is a big deal (especially this close to the departure of TC). Shocking almost. Shocking in the sense that he is one of the longest ten...

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Been well known for about a news cycle. But here again is the link to TC's AMA on Reddit: Hey ladies. Try to love me.

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Holy dog sh*t talk about lack of continuity in coverage of the Little Ticket. Rich Phillips is leaving, the Rangers are finally toying with your sports wienie again, Mike's due for a hair style make over and Sean Bass is becoming more and more present on TH...

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We watched the movie Idiocracy recently (with Owen Wilson, directed by Mike Judge). A futuristic movie where humans have bred themselves retarded, water has been replaced by Brawndo, farting is still funny and reading is super gay. Owen Wilson's character i...

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Rich Peverley
Rich Peverley had a 'cardiac event' this evening during the first period of the Stars game. Luckily, he was quickly rushed off the ice and met in the hallway to the locker room by medical staff. From what we have heard, CPR was administered for a short peri...

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Farewell TC...
Damn. Just when you think its safe to enjoy a few Black and Milds, a blue margarita or maybe a bucket of Bud Light's at Kay's. Big time Ticket stuff has to go down, real fast. As far as we know TC is sitting in the airport, waiting for a flight to Pensacola...
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