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Survey: Would u prefer TechCrunch Europe to remain a stand-alone site or be a channel:
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a channel. will europe soon move to the same design as the US?
What's the difference? if this gets included in the full Techrunch feed than that's what I want, if it stays on its own - so it seems the same to me.
I don't know if the change is a purely cosmetic one, or part of a bigger change of content (and context), I much prefer the Techcrunch europe site to the main Techcrunch - the stories are generally much more interesting, and actually about startups, not Zynga or Google. I would be sad to see it subsumed into the new Techcrunch style of writing.

As to whether the URL matters, not really.
If you dont use that horrible new design... channel...
Surely makes no difference (aside from subdomain/directory). You can still have your own landing page listing latest posts either way.
What's easier for you guys? Doesn't seem like that big a deal either way: the content stays the same, and the collection of articles stays the same, right?
A channel please. This is wishful thinking, but please don't change the design; it feels like a safe haven compared to the awful main site...
I'm probably going to get stoned for this, but I actually like the new design on the main site...
Channel with auto location detection!
Interesting comment on Twitter: "@steely_glint @mikebutcher I think staying as a separate site helps emphasise the parallel (rather than subsidiary) nature of your european focus."
Channel (And I like the new design. It'e similar to the Olympic logo, a work of genius but many don't realise it yet.)
Honestly what difference does it make to the end user? How many people come to the site directly? We come via links in Twitter or search or RSS or some other method.
Don't have an opinion until I understand the end result. What difference would it make either way?
I don't understand the difference for the user. Whatever keeps you independent and happy I guess!
Mike, I personally think a channel would be better
Stand-alone site. If there's going to be techcrunch asia in the future it should be standalone as well. There's too much content for it to be a channel.
Could you not just have both?
Stand-alone for me. I think last week's VC debate underlines the need for a strong European identity.
Definitely a channel for better integration. I find I don't read the Euro site as much as .com purely and simply because I figure the best stuff makes its way on to anyway....
Stand alone for this European reader. I find the quality of the stories better than the main site and more relevant to what's happening around me. Share resources but keep the identity. Like Hufffington Post has done.
Channel. I can never remember the current url...
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