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Good morning folks.. 
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I sure wish the malls would start getting busier. Would be easier for me to make money. My job is talking to people, and today I saw the same ppl over and over dozens of times. Christmas shopping is starting soon.....thumbs up. 
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Tony Kochhar originally shared:
First hand account from a 15 year old boy almost arrested..eye opener on what is actually happening...
Sakarazu from

So I guess I’ll start at the beginning. We live in northern CT and took the train down from new haven yesterday morning. We went to the plaza and dicked around took pictures while we were waiting for the march to start.
When it started, we got our sign that said “The 99% need while the 1% Greed” on it, and we got in line and started marching. My voice is still sore from chanting with everyone. Eventually, we got to the base of the Brooklyn Bridge. There were some people going up to the pedestrian walkway, where we were supposed to go, but we didn’t know that we were supposed to go there. We were waiting for them to let us through to the road area.
Apparently, there were police with megaphones telling us not to go there. We were about 30 feet away from them, so we didn’t hear them telling us we’d be arrested if we went on the bridge, so when people finally started going through, we went with them. We walked alongside cars for a bit, which seemed a little fishy, but I felt like we must be allowed to go this way, because the police are on either side of us walking with us, and not arresting us.
Then, when we were about a third of the way across the bridge, we had completely blocked traffic (again, at least I was under the impression the police knew what was going on, it seemed the were guiding us), and they started stopped the front end. Eventually, they barricaded the front and everyone tried to sit down in protest. There wasn’t really enough room, so that didn’t work.
Someone from the top told us, eventually, that we could leave out the back. My mom is unemployed and can’t afford to really have a record right now, so we really tried to get out. We walked to the back, but as soon as we got there they blocked off the entire bridge with the orange barrier. They told us if we waited 10-15 minutes, we would be able to leave. So we were going to wait. Then, a woman came up complaining of shortness of breath and they waited two minutes, then asked her to come past the barrier and they’d get her to help. So, they cuffed her (separating her from the man she was there with) and loaded her into the paddy wagon, I did not hear any rights being read (maybe because she was being detained not arrested? Don’t really know much about that process).
The blue shirt cop that arrested her then looked at me and said “Alright, next” and my mom started screaming shit at this point, and they were putting my hands behind my back and getting the zipties out, and a white shirt came over and said “Wait, how old are you?” and I said 15, and he thought on for a moment and let me and my mom go.
I consider myself ridiculously lucky, and feel so bad that SEVEN HUNDRED (holyshitholyshit) people were arrested last night, including a 13 year old girl. I figured they didn’t arrest us because arresting a handicapped woman with a limp and her 15 year old son would look bad, but apparently not because of that girl. I almost feel bad, haha. I just hope everyone shuts the fuck up and doesn’t piss a cop off in the precinct so they don’t get held for 3 days.
Not sure if anyone cares, but that’s what happened last night, from my experience. Also, as I was passing back about 10 minutes later a bunch of people were clapping and there were about 30+ cops on the sidewalk across from the bridge. I assume these were the people they claimed to let go because they were in the back. Also, at least a couple climbed up from the road to the walkway. This is probably superfuckinglong and I don’t know if you guys care, but here it is. Thanks for reading.
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Good morning! 
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did you go chic
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Hope you all have had a fantastic day. If you livre in Myrtle Beach and own your home, come see me at MB mall at the info booth. Make sure you are talking to Crystal. Nobody else. I will be there from 10-7
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God, please let my first day of work alone go smoothly and with 5 tours! It's been a very bad start to the day, so I am begging for work to be awesome. Thanks, and Amen. 
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I am a Professional Photographer in the Myrtle Beach, SC area. I own Studio B Photography and have been doing this 13 years now.  

I moved to Myrtle Beach (from Hays, Kansas) in August 2011.  I started working for Wyndham Vacation Ownership, late September 2011 as well as still working with my own company.  

I have a parrot named Charlie, and 3 wonderful kids who are still back in Kansas (where they will remain till they graduate school, one of which is this year!)  

I am passionate about life and love meeting new people and am a very determined person.  I know someday, my photography will be world wide known, but probably long after I'm dead.  Like so many of the greats! 

If you want to know anything about me, just ask!  Add me to your circle, I will add you back! 
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