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Complexity is the new Simplicity
Complexity is the new Simplicity

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Happy Birthday to +Richard Hussey!

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Fee Fi Fo Fum, I smell the blood of a fucking shithead I’m gonna fucking kill. You want bad? I’ll give you bad. You want blood? I’ll give you blood. You want to walk free? Think again, because I’m coming for you. I’ve got your scent, got your fate, the trail you leave in the world. I can follow you wherever you go, and when I find you I’m gonna grind your bones to make my bread. #bloodandiron

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It’s been planned, now you just have to pull it off. You're criminals breaking into a prominent building to steal something of great value. The question now is: can you get the goods and get out before the SWAT teams break down the doors and everyone gets blown to hell?

Think every great heist movie you've ever seen, directed by Quentin Tarantino, that turns into the biggest fucking fiasco you've ever experienced. Expect bad language, brutal violence, and high-octane action.

Grab a copy of ‪#‎DaylightRobbery‬ and jump into the action with this one-session easy to pick up PBTA RPG.

It is, and always will be, free - and under a Creative Commons license, so you can springboard off it with your own ideas.

What is Blood&Iron?
Blood&Iron is an urban fantasy story game, and all of those words are really important. It’s about tales of great people doing great things in a wondrous and sometimes terrible world. These people aren’t like you and me, they’re not even really people in the way that we understand it - they’re brash and bright characters, as if they’d lept off the page or out of the screen, and they expect the world to bend around them, to let them tell their stories. And it will and it does.
Blood&Iron isn’t just any story, it’s a story of wonder and horror, and everything in between. It’s about the world that didn’t go away, and didn’t even really hide, but that people stopped looking for. It’s about the places in the world where people stopped going, because they were smart enough, sane enough, civilised enough. It’s about the cracks in the world, and the worlds that exist inside them, and it’s about how the places inside those cracks are, at the end of the day, pretty much like the places outside. It’s about boundaries, and daring to cross them.

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A sample playbook from my upcoming RPG #BloodandIron 

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To celebrate Hidden Empire being almost done, I sat down and wrote a new RPG yesterday and this morning. This is Blood in Your Mouth, a horrible game about vampires. is the printer-friendly version

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So for longer than I care to admit I've been working on a Victorian Adventure RPG called Hidden Empire, and now it's nearing completion. I've always intended on distributing it as a completely free, Creative Commons, enterprise. This is the second draft of the main text (no appendices) which I'm looking for feedback on, proofreading, and any other input you can think of.
To give you a short overview of what Hidden Empire is:
You are members of GALLANT (the Gentlemen and Ladies' League of Adventure and Noble Triumph), a private social club and paramilitary organisation whose members are devoted to defeating the darkness inherent in the world, and having some damn fine dinners.
It's set in 1896 in a world rather different to our own. Back in the 18th Century Empress Elizabeth of Russia made a deal with the devil and became immortal, before engaging in a Great War with the rest of the world. Her forces of darkness and despair were finally defeated, but at great cost... and nothing was ever the same again.
The world of Hidden Empire is one of multi-dimensional shenanigans, horrific beings from beyond time and space, the wonders of homoeopathy, Zeppelin pirates, tigers infected with medusarism, and perhaps a little too much brandy.
Mechanically it's a roll and keep system that's intended to be streamlined and fast to play, but chock full of flavour. It's very intensely Victorian, but engages with the source material in a cinematic rather than realistic fashion. It has a lightweight combat system more focused on actual wounds than just hitpoints, and more skills than you can shake a stick at (but good ways to ignore them if you want to). You'll find rules for sorcery, steampunk engineering, and of course homoeopathy that actually works (see, it's clearly fiction).
I hope you enjoy it. The appendices will be finished up soon (it's the sample adventures which are slowing me down).
Looking forward to all your feedback!

Does anyone know of a utility in Microsoft Word (or a plugin) that allows you to reorder your pages into book format so you can print it off and fold it to make a little book?

Already google+ has replaced facebook as the social network I sit on all day... well done it!
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