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Hi there.
I get problem with HPLIP when trying to install new HP printer.
When i try to setup new printer via Network/WiFi i get error, that firewall is blocking required ports.
My firewall is disabled. Problem is even with enabled firewall - with enabled ports for HPLIP.
I have this issue on two PCs with up-to-date Manjaro system.

Any ideas how to fix this issue? Thank you!

Hi there.
It would be nice to release new version soon.
I have made many fixes to slovak translation.
Other translators too, i hope...

It is planned to update Mate desktop packages to version 1.14?

Hi. I have many of 3.20 applications in english language. i.e. gnome-calendar, file-roller, some strings in gtranslator, etc.
I am slovak translator/commiter of Gnome project, so i have checked that translations of these apps are correct.
Any ideas?

I am trying to build gnome apps via jhbuild, but i always get this error while building:  Requested 'glib-2.0 >= 2.45.3' but version of GLib is 2.40.2

BUT my installed version of glib is glib2-2.46.2-2
Can i fix this issue in some way? Thank you.

Have somebody experience with Wifi display?
I need to stream video from my linux pc to dlna/miracast dongle connected to TV.
Is there any way?

I need to know how kaffeine search for dvb-t channels.
what is alternative for command line(dvbscan, scan, w_sca, etc.)
because only kaffeine finds all channels in my location(Slovakia) and i need this channels for Me-Tv.

Thank you for help!

Hi. I need to fix translation of word "Empty" in label of empty disc(DVD-R), that is displayed on Gnome Shells desktop(with enabled file manager to handle desktop icons) after inserting empty dvd-r disc.
can you help me find module, where is located this string? I have tried "gvfs", but there are only types of discs.

Thank you for help

Hi Gnome fans!
Just wondering, what is your way to watch/record TV(DVB-T) on your Gnome Desktops? Used apps, tools, etc...

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