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Testing a post from Google+. Are you interested in getting onto Google+? Hit me up/
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I don't know.  I am just trying to figure out Google + because of a class assignment (Social Media in Emergency and Disaster Management).  So far, google + sucks
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I try to be the best Me I know how to be
Retired Air Force 2005
AF Sergeants Association Life Member
VFW Life Member
NRA Life Member
San Angelo Central High School Graduate 1985
USAF 1985 - 2005
Married to my best friend Margaret (Crochet) Hardin
Bragging rights
Survived life until now....that is saying a lot
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  • University of Texas at San Antonio
    Multi-Disciplinary Sciences, 2008 - present
  • San Angelo Central High School
    High School, 1984 - 1985
  • Midland High School
    High School, 1983 - 1984
  • Buena Park High School
    High School, 1981 - 1983
  • Lee Jr High School
    Jr High School, 1979 - 1981
  • Communtiy College of the Air Force
    Applied Sciences, 1985 - 2005
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My wife needed extra links out of a watchband. Great friendly seevice. I bought a new Seiko watch. And they offer a military discount. Highly recommend!!!
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Caleb Cloud is top notch and the workers were great and fast. The SCHEDULING Department rate a 1, since that is the lowest I can give. Caleb explained that with the recent storms that it would take a week or so for the materials to be delivered. Was not notified when that would be, but my neighbor called me when they put the stuff on the roof. I was hoping it was a one time mess up, but no. The guy subcontracted to replace the roof of our patio called Saturday while my wife, daughter and I were in Austin. I explained that if someone would have scheduled his visit to measure, then we would have been home when scheduled. He called from in front of the house. Told him that my wife would be home Monday and he said he would come back then. On Monday morning, the roofing crew showed up to do the work on the main roof - no notice. I called Caleb, he told me to call the office as his father Ken (the Owner) was in the office. Ken claims to have called me Friday - "maybe your wife took the call and didn't tell you." We only have cell phones, that have call logs. No one from there called...ever - so don't blame my wife for your poor scheduling management. The workers were great. Awesome job. Done in a day. Patio guy measured at about noon. Called the office at 4:30pm to find out when the patio would be done. Lady said she would call me back. 5:50 pm called back and left voicemail since the office was closed. Called Caleb - he called patio guy and found out he would be out tomorrow at 10am. I work, wife works. If I wouldn't have called, no one would have been here except the 2 dogs I have in the back yard with nothing better to do than to bite fools that jump my fence. Overall - SCHEDULING MATTERS Mr. Ken Cloud. It matters a lot when people work. That's why we schedule things - to not waste your contractors time and not waste mine. I hope you see this and I welcome your call. I'll be happy to discuss this with you. I've already discussed it with your son since he is the one that I signed to contract with. Oh, and my wife wants to know how often you pull that excuse out and try to blame others for your short comings?
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My 40+ foot tall box elder tree busted a limb (3 foot in diameter) that fell into a lower branch (2 foot in diameter) with the rest of the limbs stretching over my backyard, dining room, master bedroom and porch. John met with me, gave me the best estimate for a very dangerous job, came out and made the tree safe, even though everything was still wet from the storms. His crew came back the next day and finished taking out the tree and stump and cleaned up my yard. Awesome job!!!! Very happy customer and I will refer anyone that asks to you. Thank you to you and your crew. I have some great pictures for you. Doug Hardin, Very Happy Customer
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We drive past Wing Daddy's on the way to work as decided to try it. I called in the order and my wife picked it up and brought it home. The wings seem to be what you would get from the frozen section at SAM's except with less flavor. They seem to be baked, verses fried so the chucks of breading were falling off. The SLEEZEBALLS, other than having a really screwed up name, had no taste we recognized. They don't taste like potato, nor bacon, chives or onion. They taste like ... yeah, well. The weird ass jalapeno popper / seafood things had no flavor other than pepper. And the wings were like you'd get from Domino's. Oven cooked and squishy. Totally not recommending to anyone and won't go back. Maybe their other food doesn't suck, but I can't recommend - not even to folks I don't like. We won't go again. Hope this helps.
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