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"Europe was mis-sold here" - by British politicians!
In an article in the Mail on Sunday , political editor Simon Walters previews a new biography of David Cameron, Cameron at 10 by Anthony Seldon and peter Snowdon. they quote Cameron as telling German Chancellor Angela Merkel that "The European project was m...

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Eu referendum question: the reversion point and why it matters
A "reversion point" is a psephological term meaning an answer in a referendum that will reverse the status quo - ie voting "no" in a yes-no referendum. In all referendums where "yes" represents the status quo, voters who haven't made up their minds will ten...

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free extract from new book "Escape from Oppression"
The United Kingdom is headed for an in-out referendum on membership of the European Union, but there are questions that need to be answered before we can make an informed choice.

At what point did politicians know the organization that would eventually bec...

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Somebody's stealing my milk and food!
Theft of milk and food probably ranks as the top students' complaint. In my ebook about social life in university, " Going Up: a Social Troubleshooter ", I outline various strategies to deal with this. Here's a short exerpt: "Go to your tutor and present th...

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snoring and students
I was contacted recently by a student who was having problems with one of her housemates. She gets on well with them – when they’re awake! But when one in particular is asleep, by all accounts he snores for England! Snoring is not the snorer’s fault: they’r...

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Scams on new students - don't fall victim!
The Daily Mail reports today that conmen are effectively turning students into money launderers by hiring them as "Money Transfer Agents" and getting them to send dirty money abroad, making them accomplices in terrible crimes. There are also flats that don'...
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