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Facial mask and biomaterial applications of Nano silk sericin
R.K.Pandey, Regional
Sericultural Research Station, Jammu 181101, What is
Nanotechnology? Nanotechnology,
"the manufacturing technology of the 21st century," is defined as the
understanding and control of matter at dimensions of roughl...

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In order to clarify this misunderstandings, Prof Mammo asked me to send this msg:

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From: Mammo Muchie 
Date: 2013/12/18
Subject: RE: MANDELA IN ETHIOPIA - A journey and a mission

"Please send this NB:
On the interview with the Captain Guta on 17 December at Morning Live SABC 2
We had severe time constraints. One plan was for the  interviewer to present most of the story and for Captain Guta to be interviewed in Amharic and I translate. We asked them to do it as time was very short. We were sharing 15 minutes, one on the plot to assassinate, the other on the hidden pistol. What we agreed was for me to tell his story in English and ask him when the query is something he has not fully briefed me for me to ask his age, his co-security officer  Debebe who passed away.  So  my role was not  a translator or  interpreter , my role was to pass his message.. I think  given all the time constraints, the core message  has been communicated:  A professor  Ashley-Hamilton from the Caribbean   said  Captain Guta appeared with full dignity and found him as  a great inspiration!"

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Occupational health problems in Silk production: A Review
Rakesh.K.Pandey Regional Sericultural Research Station, Miransahib,
Jammu, 181101, India Abstract  Even though, the Silkworm life cycle is eco
friendly, silk industry involves certain health risks such as carbon monoxide
poisoning in temperate area like Kas...

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Information on Kashmiri sericulture is sparse. Here is some info. Read on...............

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Sericulture empowers women in the fragile Kandi belt of Jammu, India
Sulochana Kaul and Anil Dhar Regional
Sericultural Research Station, Jammu 181101, India Summary This
paper is a narrative on the positive impacts of women farmer adoption by Regional
Sericultural Research Station, Jammu, India. A total of 60 wo...

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Dr. TH Somasekhar opens up on true state of Indian sericulture and silk industry. Read his interview :

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‘Bivoltine is not for small farmer’- TH. Somasekhar
by GK. Rajesh Dr.
TH. Somasekhar is India’s leading silk expert. Recipient of the Louis Pasteur Award
(2005) of Dr. TH. Somasekhar International Sericulture Commission, he led the country’s silk
technology research & development for fifteen years ...

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Interview with Prof. ECG Sudarshan

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In conversation with Professor ECG. Sudarshan
Interview by GK. Rajesh Prof ECG. Sudarshan Professor Ennackal Chandy George Sudarshan, better known as E.C.G.
Sudarshan is one of the most eminent theoretical physicists of 20 th century. Born in Puthuppally, Kottayam district Kerala, India, he cut a niche...
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