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YouTube Gaming Easter Eggs

I've documented a few of these across both Tiny Teardowns and in Android Police articles, but it seems like time to put them all in one place so they're easier to find for us completionists out there. I'll keep this list updated as new easter eggs are added/discovered.

For those that may not know, the YouTube Gaming app includes an Easter Egg counter under Settings -> General. Each Easter Egg is a reference to a classic or influential game. There is usually a new Easter Egg added with each minor version bump, though one or two didn't work with until a bug fix update came out later.

v1.0: Asteroids
Open Settings -> About -> tap the app version a few times until the title bar changes.

v1.1: Battletoads
Open the Battletoads (1991) page and tap the PRE-ORDER button.

v1.2: Contra
Open the Contra (1987) page, tap the gamepad icon, enter the code (Up, Up, Down, Down, Left, Right, Left, Right, B, A).

v1.3: Doom
Open the Doom (1993) page and press the back button to leave it.

v1.4: Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim
Open the Skyrim (2011) page, tap the gamepad, enter the code LAAS, YAH, NIR.

v1.5: Final Fantasy
Open the Final Fantasy II (1988) page and tap the chocobo egg icon.

v1.6: Gauntlet
Open the Gauntlet Legends (1998) or Gauntlet (2014) page and tap on the knife & fork icon.

v1.7: Half-Life
Open a page for any Half-Life game and tap on the logo.

v1.8: Icewind Dale
Open any Icewind Dale game and tap on the die icon.

v1.9: Journey
Just open the page for Journey. No need to do anything else, it registers by just showing up.

v1.91: King's Quest
Search for any King's Quest game, tap on the two people icon.

v1.92: Loom
Search for Loom (1990) and tap on the gamepad symbol. There's no need to tap on any notes.

v1.93: Metal Gear Solid
Search for Metal Gear Solid (any version), tap the gamepad. There's no need to mess with the numbers, but if you set the right number (i.e. 140.85, 140.96, 141.80, 141.52, 140.15, 141.12, or 140.48) and hit the call button, it will put up the message "SNAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAKE!"

Yay! I'm headed to #io2017! 😀

Now to hunt for flights and place to stay. 😟 #io17winner

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This sounds pretty cool. Ignore the author's attempt to create conflict and just look at what the chip itself would presumably do.

My takeaway is that a laptop (MacBook Pro, in this case) could keep background services running semi-perpetually, much like we already expect phones and tablets to do. When you reopen the lid, there would be fewer apps competing for the processor and network, so everything should be instantly snappy.

Apple already wakes the processor from time to time, but macOS is extremely conservative about what it runs in this state; and as far as I recall, it's only for the OS and some of Apple's software. This new chip might bring enough power savings to justify opening things up to 3rd-party apps.

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This could become a literal witch hunt.

Alright, it's obvious this would backfire if it happens (still just a rumor right now), and it's probably not even possible without passing laws through Congress (unlikely)... But let's just theorize for a moment it it were possible and enforceable.

There's a subtle side-effect that could lead to an even bigger backfire. What happens when employers realize their political leanings equate to religion and they begin firing people based on who they vote for?

Fun fact: Most states offer a website where residents can look up their voter registration status, it just requires a couple bits of personal information, sometimes as little as a name and birthdate. You're also required to give this same information to get hired (and may even have it posted on Facebook). Yes, that means your boss and HR department can look up your registration status. Guess what... Most of those sites also expose your party affiliation.

I hope everybody likes voting along with their bosses, your job may be on the line.

Note: I'm pointing out that bad employers could begin proudly throwing people out for this reason alone. I recognize that the crappy people that would do this probably are, but at least they know it's illegal and they have to jump through hoops to find other reasons to fire somebody.

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For the first time ever, FF/RW controls rolled out to the YouTube for Android app on a couple of my phones (without using any tricks to enable them). However, this isn't the version I wrote about most recently involving double-tap-to-seek, [1] and it's not the drag-to-seek version some people have seen, this is the original 10-second skip that turned up in Oct 2015. [2]

This version includes the X button that some people have been seeing since Aug 2015. [3] Even stranger is that the player controls are now permanently on until I press the X button to hide them, and tapping elsewhere on the video doesn't hide the controls like it used to. Tapping anywhere on the video brings the controls back up.

YouTube is totally screwing with us.

These controls are appearing on my Pixel with v11.49 and 6P with v11.47, but nothing else so far. I haven't used the YouTube app in a few days, but these controls weren't there at least as recently as the weekend when I'm sure I last used the app. Anybody else getting these controls, or had them and lost them, or one of the other variants?



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This is the laziest "testing" procedure I've ever seen. +Consumer Reports​​​​​​​​​ should be ashamed of what is obviously an attempt to cash in on the current news cycle. Don't get me wrong, I don't doubt the new MacBook Pros have pretty dismal battery life, but CR's testing methods are demonstrably negligent. This is not how professionals do it.

I left this comment on their article, but I'll repost it here in case their site editors are curating criticisms:

How does this even remotely represent proper hardware testing? All I see is loosely formed evidence that the Safari browser is poorly optimized on the latest version of macOS, not any representative example of hardware battery performance.

I've done formal battery benchmarks for publication before and I would never leave it up to a single, unpredictable application. It's entirely possible (actually likely) a bug in the Safari browser is causing some javascript code to hang, resulting in ramped up CPU usage. That absolutely explains how erratic results like these can appear on Safari and not on Chrome. At the very least, more thorough testing should have been done on Chrome to remove reasonable doubt that this is attributed to a single browser issue. And how on earth did the testing procedures not involved checking out a previous generation MacBook Pro to determine if it too suffered from erratic battery life?

On top of it, these are extremely limited grounds for testing. There are plenty of other things users do on laptops outside of one application. Plenty of people have brought up real world examples like video editing, gaming, and watching movies.

The testing procedure this article was based on is negligent, lazy, and uninformed. It should never have been posted without running at least a baseline of tests. There was no attempt to test older generation MacBook Pros to rule out software issues. The real world testing shouldn't be limited to just a single browser that isn't even used by the majority of people that buy this device. At the very least, this article is effectively lying about its purpose. It's not a report about the battery life of these three models, it's just an anecdotal story of what might happen if somebody opens the box and never does anything with a computer besides running Safari.

Play Movies & TV v3.21 Tiny Teardown: Hide and go search

The latest update to Play Movies & TV [1] isn't completely without changes, but they appear to be subtle formatting and layout changes that shouldn't impact use. A quick look inside does provide an insight into a bigger layout change to come. There's going to be a new tab-based search interface that makes it a little easier to find the type of content you're looking for. The tabs will be: Ready to watch, Buy or rent, and All. Naturally, the first two show the difference between items you've already purchased/rented versus those you haven't, and the final option works just as search always has.

There is already code referencing the strings and a debug setting for use in testing, but the interface isn't live for regular users just yet. Judging by just these clues, it's likely we'll have to wait until v3.22 or a later update for this to go live to regular users.

<string name="tab_search_all"> All </string>
<string name="tab_search_entitlement"> Ready to watch </string>
<string name="tab_search_purchase"> Buy or rent </string>

<activity android:name="" android:configChanges="keyboardHidden" android:exported="false" android:theme="@style/AppTheme.Drawer.Search" />

from /res/xml/exp_preferences.xml
<CheckBoxPreference android:title="Enable New Search Page" android:key="enable_new_search_page" android:defaultValue="false" />


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Wow, Apple is intentionally blocking case manufacturers from building in headphone jack adapters for the iPhone 7. That's insane. Here are two really well known photographers (they run, both are known to be iPhone fans, and they're talking about switching to Android because of this.

I admit, I originally thought people were blowing the removal of the headphone jack or if proportion, but that's because I always assumed 3rd-party accessories would solve the problem for most people. If Apple is intentionally standing in the way of that, it's definitely not in the best interests of the customers.

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YouTube Kids 1.97 Tiny Teardown: Party Time

A new version of YouTube Kids [1] started rolling out today. It looks quite a bit like a maintenance release with no significant changes, but there is a brand new sequence of images for a new animation that looks very obviously like it will become a 5th page for the navigation icons at the top.

The images are prefixed with ic_party_popper_kids and have a normal (black), pressed (slightly enlarged black), and active state (red) to go with the animation.

There aren't any other resources to give away what this page will be specifically, but my first guess is that it will be dedicated to videos related to birthday parties and possibly other types of celebrations and holidays (like Halloween).

I don't have much more to add on this, but I thought the icon was pretty neat and wanted to share it.

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Happy Halloween!
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