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Laundry, check!
Vacuuming, check!

Productive day off: success! :D

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May 2014 KC Doll Meet
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So I made a twitter for my bjd cat, Clark. He's already received a mention! Someone wanting him to watch their video and subscribe to their youtube. He might just do it XD

I keep forgetting about this site, whoops. Gonna try and remedy that~

Tonight I had an iPod scare and watched a trailer for a live action Black Butler movie. No thanks, it looks dumb.

It has been a while since I visited this site on my phone. The layout's changed quite a bit.

Well I'm messing around with the tablet again. I'll see if I manage to make something sharable this time, or if I just give up on it....again.

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I finished reading the Last Unicorn trade paoerback - it's wonderful! I really need to find more of Peter Beagle's writing.

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This is one bizarre cat video. Very creative though! And the song gets stuck in my head so easily.

Welcome to Kitty City

Gave myself a 3-day weekend this week! I'm a little stunned that I've hit my 4th year where I currently work. When I started, I never thought I'd stay at this job for that long....

Waiting for my Dragon Age II dlc to download then back to playing that~ seems like that's the only game I've played this year.
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