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Folks have heard me complain a lot, over the years, about DC editorial and how I felt they were pretty much butchering the characters and setting that I love so much.

So it might be a nice change to hear me say: post-Rebirth DC is actually pretty darned good.

Whatever they might say about sales numbers, I think it was pretty clear that the "New 52" experiment wasn't working. If it was, Rebirth would never have happened. But regardless, so far in my read (I am just about finished with October 2016, so I still have a lot of catching up to do - no spoilers please!) it feels like the new mantra is "Is it cool? is it fun? do people love it? then let's stick it back in and figure out a way to justify it later, if people even care."

Like, Rebirth Barry Allen is pretty blatantly influenced by TV Barry Allen, because people actually like TV Barry (as opposed to feeling nostalgic for boring oldschool comics Barry). The Wally West who is Kid Flash is also very inspired by TV Wally. But we also get the old Wally West back, as the Flash, because people love Wally. So we have two Flashes. And who cares? It's cool!

I don't have enough good things to say about Wonder Woman so far. I love this take on Steve Trevor, too (in one early issue he calls out the villain for his toxic masculinity - like, he uses those words!). The Superman family of titles are great. The Batman family of titles are great (although I'm given to understand that was the case even before Rebirth). Bizarrely, I am reading and enjoying a comic starring Jason Todd - how did that happen? And the Blue Beetle relaunch feels way closer to what I loved about Jaime's original comic, just with added Ted Kord (because why not?).

It's not all wonderful - I'm pretty sure I'm going to stop reading Harley Quinn unless I see a drastic improvement, because the writing is just utterly terrible (she's better written in Suicide Squad). I really love the premise of Aquaman but I feel like the execution is weak (not so weak as to stop reading, yet - I just wish it was more, well, Game of Thrones underwater). Doom Patrol feels like Morrison fanfiction (as opposed to Shade the Changing Girl, which is clearly inspired by Milligan but doing its own thing).

More thoughts as I read more and get caught up. I'd love to talk to folks here about the books as long as you don't totally give away stuff I haven't read yet.

I'm reposting this to Public even though I never post anything to Public anymore, because no, seriously, fuck Nazis. And racists, sexists, homophobes, the whole fucking pack of you.


I probably don't have to say this, because I'm a mouthy bitch and everyone knows my opinions already. But I'm going to say it anyway (see: mouthy bitch):

If you're in any way sympathetic to or supportive of the literal godsdamned fucking Nazis that are currently squirming out from under the rocks, I don't want you in my circles or my life. So GTFO.

While I'm at it, if you harbor positive feelings for that Google techbro douchebag or his manifesto, you can GTFO too while the door's swinging open.
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So we flipped on the Macy's parade so CJ could see it (SO WEIRD to have the TV on a channel other than Nick Jr!) and the Rockettes were performing.

They literally had one token woman of color in the group.

Someone's going to show up and complain that I'm not being fair and that maybe these were the best people who auditioned and it doesn't have to be racism and shut up, but dude. I'm semi-familiar with the NYC performing community, or used to be once upon a time, and they could easily have the Rockettes be all women of color with one token white woman if that was what they wanted to do. There is no shortage of amazingly talented women of color in New York, many of whom would probably love to be Rockettes.

It was just so obviously a "we're not racist, look, we have a black girl" thing. :(
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Cabinetry is underway.
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Nothing to add, really. 
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Just arrived. Huzzah! I know what CJ and I will be reading at bedtime tonight!

Thanks, +Josh Roby and +Anna Kreider!
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Someone's been taking selfies.
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Some folks had expressed interest in my critical survey/annotated bibliography on modern zombie cinema, and I said I'd make it available after I got my grade.

Here's the note from my professor:

Hi Topher,
Really, really nice work here. You show clear depth of knowledge regarding your chosen topic, and you manage to both summarize and to generalize on the state of Zombie criticism in a quite tidy fashion. I’ve got little to say, other than that I’d have preferred to see Zombi 2 on here instead of the decidedly blegh WW-Z. Top shelf.
Grade: A+
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