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Afghan Map Makers
Afghanistan, Mapping, Google Map, Map Maker, Geography, Kabul
Afghanistan, Mapping, Google Map, Map Maker, Geography, Kabul

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The #newGoogleMaps is now available in Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Farsi! 

Try it here:
The #newGoogleMaps is now available in Arabic, Hebrew, Urdu, and Farsi!

Try it here:

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Report of first Regional Google Hang out with RERs from Afghanistan, Mauritius, Uzbekistan, Kyrgyzstan, Brunei was held at October 17, 2012.

Attendees-+Ehsan Habibi , +Eltaf Hussain , +Abhishek Pandey 
1. Issues Discussed:
Regarding an RER's role.
Regarding Global GMM Hangouts. 
Regional Forums and your attitude towards it. 

2. USER: The fuel for GMM. Is it?
Concerns related to Mapping party 
You can mail Neha Narula - for any concern related to MapUp events in Asia Pacific. If you don’t get a response, you can touch base with Jess Gibbons -

3. A few pending Bugs which have been resolved.
Responses of RER Guides seem to be delayed based on the issue, responses vary. If you feel that an issue which can be handled immediately but hasn’t been, feel free to reply back to your RER Guide.

4. Misalignment issues reported through Issue Tracker are pending resolutions. Please share a few examples which need our attention on an urgent basis but have been overlooked

5. POI Edits are not rendering always need a few links for such issues

6. How to request for updated Satellite imagery? - Fill it up and don’t forget to use the word “Map Maker” in your message

7. How to get notifications about an imagery update?- You will get an automated email when the Region selected by you gets updated with an updated Satellite Image

8. Map Makerpedia- A place where Mappers share their knowledge about Map Maker

Reported by: +Abhishek Pandey 

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Afghan Map Makers organized a MapUp Party at Northern Provinces of Afghanistan. Mr. +Ehsan Habibi  an active member of Afghan map Maker Group presented a detailed lecture about Google Map Maker. People who attended the mapup Party was from Kundoz, Baghlan, Badakhshan, Polkhomri and Takhar provinces.
Kunduz MapUp (3 photos)
3 Photos - View album

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UPDATE: Another achievement by our team members, this time by +Eltaf Hussain one of RERs. His issue tracking regarding the misalignment on #Afghanistan was tagged in the #Google #Mapmaker monthly newsletter of May 2012 as bellow:

"+Eltaf Hussain coordinating with Afghanistan Mappers and resolving the misalignment issue of the imagery in Afghanistan Cities. "

Thanks Eltaf again.

Hello Members,
The online member hangout has been started 9:00 AM (KBL-time). Join Us now...!

1. Visit Afghan Map Makers Google+ Page [ ]
2. Follows us, click on the Green Button (follow)
3. Be online at 9:00 AM kbl-time with on your Google+ account.
4. We will invite you to online hangout.
5. For any complain and suggestion please contact us.

Hope to see you all guys.

Afghan Map Makers

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#Afghanistan map was almost invisible in digital world but today you can watch #Kabul city in 3D view having specific name for businesses, roads, and Locality.

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Success Story:
A member and founder of Afghan Map Maker,@Sadeq Zabihi is selected for Google Advocate 2012 from Afghanistan. We all congratulate him for becoming First Afghan Google Advocate. May Allah give him more success in the coming future.

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+Google Maps Maker 2012 now have Regional Conferences site page! It contains all the information available on each of the events planned for this year, including some updates on the upcoming Montreal event.

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Finally after few weeks of hard working in our small group of +Afghan Map Makers (AMM), we have concluded mapping of #Herat city, #Afghanistan.

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Google Maps publishes official video, How Kabul city is being mapped by Google Map Makers during 2010 and 2011. Timelapse video of Google Map Maker mapping activity in Kabul, Afghanistan.
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