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Sara Beth Mattis
Housewife and Mom of Two
Housewife and Mom of Two

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The Real Reason I'm Not Finding Out the Gender of This Baby
     At 17 years old, I became pregnant with my first child. I was afraid and in denial, but I told my mother as soon as I could. I was taking medication and whether I was keeping this baby or not (adoption), I was going to make sure it was healthy. After m...

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We're Adding a Pumpkin To Our Patch
     As soon as I knew I was pregnant, I started looking for creative ways to announce. Announcing the pregnancy in a unique or cute way is all the fad nowadays. I saw plenty of cute and creative ideas, but instead of doing any of the many many cute ones I ...

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Recipe: Taco Pasta
     I wanted to make something at least half-way healthy for the home-birthing class I was getting ready to attend. It was a potluck style meal deal seeing as we'd be attending class for several hours. I came up with Taco Pasta. Ingredients: 6 oz elbow mac...

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Date Night!
     Today, I cleaned and cleaned and cleaned my house. I barely touched the computer (which is why I always get distracted from cleaning). I did about 4 loads of laundry completely... Washed, Dried, Hung/Folded, and put away. I even went through and donate...

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The Bullet Journal
     I've heard a lot about bullet journaling. A few years ago I just stumbled across a video on youtube with a tour and how-to through a man's bullet journal. I thought it was amazing and gave it a go, but it wasn't personal to me and didn't work more than...

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Mama Meal: Buffalo Ranch Chicken Spinach Salad
     After trying buffalo wings at Pizza Hut for the first time not long ago, I've fallen in love with the buffalo flavor, but my wallet wouldn't allow me to buy wings everyday, nor would my body appreciate it, so I had to get a little creative.      I've r...

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Make Some Memories: Lunch at School
     One of the best things about Head Start is that they love having parent involvement in the classroom. Parents are encouraged to volunteer, read books, have lunch, build crafts and more to participate in the classroom.      I usually have lunch with my ...

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Three Ways To 'Date' on a Budget (with small children)
     After having our second son, one of the worst struggles my husband and I came across was ever getting to spend quality time together. Our second son has Erb's Palsy which meant we were in a heap of debt from medical bills and more which meant we had (a...

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Colsen's OBPI: One Year Old!
Our baby is a baby no more!   Colsen's ONE!      Naturally, Justin and I thought Nemo was too perfect for a theme seeing as he has a "lucky fin." We love Brandy McPherson's Photography and she's photographed him every three months since he was a newborn . W...

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Men, Take Notes!
     One night when I came home from a work-out with my best friend, I walked in to a dream. My husband was holding the baby, laundry was washing, he was cooking dinner, the tables was set, and one of our songs was playing on the computer. "See You Tonight"...
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