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Great news for Mylo. 
So excited to announce that Mylo and our parent company Lockton are partnering with LegalZoom, the leading provider of legal solutions for small businesses and families. We’re joining forces on their great new employee benefit LifePlan, which gives instant access to high value advice and options throughout important life events. Can’t wait to work together!

#insurance #businessadvice #smallbiz #smallbizowner #partnership #lifeplan #legaladvice

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Make sure you have your business properly insured!
You started your own business (that makes you cool) – and you created an LLC (that makes you smart). But now you may be wondering why you also need to pay for business insurance (that makes you human).

Find out why an LLC is a great idea and why you still need insurance.
#nationalsmallbusinessmonth #startabusiness #startup #businessinsurance #businessadvice #smallbiz #smallbizowner

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Architect friends: Did you know that insurance can cover lost work time and digital files if your computer or data is damaged? Our Coverage Counselor for architects shows you what kinds of coverage are typical for the 106,570 registered architects in the US today.

So you don’t pay for anything you don’t need, but you don’t leave any protection you need on the drafting table. And when you're ready, Mylo can customize a plan specifically for you! 

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Here’s the coolest high-tech Valentine’s gift we’ve found (We love finding companies that invent new ways to make life easier!): A coffee mug that heats OR cools your drink to the perfect temperature! And it can connect to the internet so you can control it with an app if you want!
(Hint: Starbucks is sold out but we found some on eBay!)

Looking to the future, the company has goals to invent temperature-controlled baby bottles, serving dishes, beer mugs and more!

#valentinesgift #valentinesday #valentine #techgeek #techcompany #techstartup #techgift #coffeelover #coffeemug #coffeebreak #coffeetime #coffee #starbucks

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Flying footballs, grill fires and drivers who over-celebrated. You might want to ask yourself "does my home insurance cover that?" when you're planning your Super Bowl party! Find out which coverages pay for these accidents so you can relax and get back to having fun!

#superbowl #superbowlsunday #football #superbowl51 #superbowl2017 #superbowlparty #homeinsurance #insurance #homeowners #partyfoul

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A friendly reminder: 7 Days Left for Open Enrollment!
We know a lot of small biz owners & employees don't have group insurance. You don't have to know insurance to find the best individual plan for you!

If the health insurance marketplace feels like a maze to you, Mylo has friendly agents ready to answer your questions. They’ll help you cut through the confusion, untangle the terminology and navigate the ever-changing maze of insurance options. So you can get back to doing what you do best!

So give us a call at 844-377-3512 or compare your choices at 
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