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Unbiased Bucs Fan
When I'm not on social media, I can be caught crying in the corner because Topi - Got To Be didn't make Monstercat's Best Of 2017
When I'm not on social media, I can be caught crying in the corner because Topi - Got To Be didn't make Monstercat's Best Of 2017


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Things About Me

1) I really like Electronic music. My favorite artist of EDM is Rezonate, but my favorite artist in general is Colplay (even though they're a band). I follow the music label Monstercat, but I also follow EDM channels such as UKF, Ninety9Lives, mau5trap, and some more.

My favorite song of the year, currently, is Kotek's Remix of Anywhere You Go. Although the song Never Dream Of Dying by Killsonik is quickly rising to the 1 spot.

There's also a running gag about how much I love the artist Conro

2) You can assume that I'm a pretty big Football fan. Of course, I'm a Bucs fan. But at the same time, I'm very neutral. Because of this, I consider myself more Unbiased than others. Hence my name.

My favorite player in football currently is Jacquizz Rodgers, because last year he got over 4 YPC under the Bucs' horrendous O-Line, which shouldn't be physically possible.

3) I like memes, but this year hasn't been the best year for memes, soooooo

4) I love video games, and my favorite gaming companies are Nintendo and Game Freak. I have the latest Pokémon game (Ultra Moon), but too bad I don't have a Switch. Maybe in 2018

5) Speaking of Pokémon... I L O V E playing Pokémon! I've played Blue, Gold, Black 2, X, Omega Ruby, Sun, and Ultra Moon. Not huge on the whole competitive scene, because I prefer fighting with my favorite Pokémon, but it might be the next step I take as a fan.

My top 10 Pokémon are:
1: Venusaur
2: Regigigas
3: Farfetch'd
4: Greninja (I'm a basic boi)
5: Umbreon
6: Arcanine
7: Sceptile
8: Lurantis
9: Xerneas
10: Talonflame

6) My beliefs (some sarcasm incoming)

1: I'm an atheist
2: I'm a moon truther
3: I don't believe in Soccer, nor do I believe in Fútbol

7) Also, I comment on Monstercat videos, Ninety9Lives videos UKF videos a lot

8) It's not safe to have Internet Friends, but since I make poor decisions on a consistent basis, here we are:

1: +James Cheeks (A literal God)
2: +Jaz (Her interests include: [1] Pointing out how much I love Conro [2] That's it. EDIT: Jokes aside she's a great person)
3: +217 (He's such a good dude)
4: +Algo Kaoso (Pretty neat kiddo. EDIT: Apparently he can also cook, so that's dope)
5: +wil b. (Used to be the proud owner of a small meme community)
6: +Wyzard (His interests include: [1] Pointing out how much he loves Puppet [2] That's it. EDIT: Jokes aside he's another neat kiddo)
7: +Oliver Queen (aka the "Next release:" person in the Monstercat YouTube Comment Section community. Also a neat person)
8: +Snacks (If you try arguing with her, you will lose. That's not opinion-based, that's a fact. She's also a cool person)
9: +BROKN (Another cool dude)
10: +Squilliam (Great guy, too bad he doesn't follow me back. EDIT: Now he follows me back. Yay!)


11: +PrinC3W (Can't believe I forgot to mention this great guy. One of the best internet dudes out there)
12: +iMakeOnionsCry ("I'm a memer, sure, but I'm also a human")
13: +The Stingray That Killed Steve Irwin (Proud owner of the Monstercat Community Playlist on Spotify. Another great guy who I think doesn't follow me back)
14: +Dubstone (There are songs that he either loves to death, or songs that he completely despises in every way. No in between. But seriously, he's a great dude)
15: +Dark W (He got noticed by Mike Darlington)
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Alon Mor's Long Awaited Journey was well worth the wait (pun not intended), as its definetely the best album this year. My personal favorite is Holly's Necklace, with euphoric but haunting synths that immerse you into a fantasy.
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It feels like great Bass House has become scarce over the past year, but this has been one of the couple highlights in that genre since 2016. Excision and Dion Timmer are a dynamic duo, and they prove it with this MASSIVE tune!
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As I've said before, Future Bass can be wonderful if you do it right. And let me tell you: NGHTMRE did it right here. This is such a beautiful song with stunning vocals. The drop is also really nice.
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That final drop is absolutely godlike! So hyped for this to release!

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Are there any Monstercat songs that you can't believe are real (if that makes sense)? This is one of 'em for me

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I know I said that Kotek's remix of Anywhere You Go is my favorite song of the year, this is quickly rising and competing for that spot. That orchestral melody is haunting and mesmerizing. I don't know if comparing it to the Twilight Zone makes any sense at all, but it does remind me of that TV show. The drop, of course, is also incredible Neuro stuff, and possibly the best Neuro I've heard. Oh yeah, this song's also 7 minutes. 7 WHOLE MINUTES OF GLORY AND BLISS!

I'm not farmiliar with Killsonik, but apparently they're a big-name duo that went on a 4 year hiatus. I guess I'm glad they're back.
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Tokyo Machine Xilent almost never disappoints, and here he makes pretty much a masterpiece! I don't know if this is Neurostep, Brostep or something else, but it still is amazing. This might be my favorite of his.
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Never thought I'd listen to Trance with a Breakbeat, but this is probably one of the best songs on Ninety9Lives. The drops are really impactful, and the intro leading up to it is almost as good.
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