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Andrea Kempter
ITIL®, YaSM® and ISO 20000.
ITIL®, YaSM® and ISO 20000.

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Orange Hawkweed (Hieracium aurantiacum, German: Orangerotes Habichtskraut).


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+YaSM Wiki | How enterprise service management evolved out of ITSM

YaSM Wiki | What is Enterprise Service Management?
Enterprise service management (ESM) does not have a long history yet, but IT organizations have been following the IT service management guidance for decades and seen many improvements.

Head over to the YaSM Wiki:
- Definition of enterprise service management
- How enterprise service management evolved out of ITSM
- Benefits of applying service management best practice
- Enterprise service management processes


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From the YaSM Blog: Enterprise service management is gaining traction
When searching on Google for enterprise service management, the top results are mostly from vendors of service management tools. It seems the providers of ITSM tools are taking the lead in popularizing the idea of applying ITSM best practice outside of IT.

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#EnterpriseServiceManagement #ESM #ITSM

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Free ITIL templates for your ITSM initiative
These ready-to-use templates and checklists are also a good starting point for designing ISO 20000 compliant documents and records.

Infographic source:

(From the IT Process Wiki)


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Enterprise service management processes
Service management best practice offers benefits to any organization providing services - not only providers of IT services.

With its simple, easily understood process structure YaSM provides a starting point for organizations that want to become first-class providers of services.

YaSM's processes for enterprise service management distinguish between service lifecycle processes and supporting service management processes:

- The lifecycle processes are modeled upon a well-established management method for continuous improvement, known for example as the Plan-Do-Check-Act cycle.

- The supporting service management processes provide various kinds of support to the service lifecycle processes.

Learn more in the YaSM Wiki:
- YaSM process structure
- Service lifecycle processes
- Supporting service management processes
- Comparison: YaSM and ITIL processes

► Read it now:

#EnterpriseServiceManagement #ITSM #ProcessManagement

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Free ITIL webinar
+Stefan Kempter will walk you through the +ITIL Process Map and explain how your organization can use the ITIL® process and document templates to introduce ITSM best practice.

Webinar on YouTube: ►

[Deutsche Version des Webinars "ITIL und die ITIL-Prozesslandkarte": ]
A recording of our popular ITIL webinar
Best practice for IT service providers: The webinar on ITIL® and the ITIL Process Map (on-demand version):

For many years we have been conducting live webinars about ITIL and the +ITIL Process Map over the internet - and of course we still offer these webinars every two weeks or so; you can sign up here:

But our timing may not fit in with your schedule, or maybe you want to see the webinar instantly. For such cases we have now created a recorded version of the ITIL webinar that you can watch at any time:

+Stefan Kempter will walk you through the ITIL Process Map and explain how your organization can use the ITIL process and document templates to introduce ITSM best practice according to ITIL 2011.

Topics covered in the ITIL webinar:

1. We present examples of the process diagrams, so you get a good impression of their layout and the information contained on every level of detail.
2. Easy navigation in the process model with hyperlinks
3. ITIL checklists/ document templates that come with the ITIL Process Map
4. ITIL RACI Matrix
5. Excel repository of ITIL processes, data objects and roles
6. Adapting the process model to the needs of your organization
7. The ITIL - ISO 20000 Bridge (an additional component for organizations that want to go for ISO 20000 certification).

If you have any questions or need more information about the ITIL process model, please drop us a line!

This ITIL webinar on YouTube: 

#itil #itsm #webinar 

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YaSM Wiki | Improve the services
The objective of +YaSM's continual service improvement process is to continually check if the services deliver the required outcomes. This process identifies potentials for improvement in the way the services are being produced.

#ServiceManagement #EnterpriseServiceManagement #ITSM #CSI

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ITIL Wiki: ITSM Key Performance Indicators
Defining suitable KPIs is above all about deciding what exactly is considered a successful process execution. Process owners and controllers are thus in a position to evaluate the quality of their processes, which in turn is the basis for the ongoing optimization and fine-tuning of the process designs.

From the IT Process Wiki, by: +ITIL Process Map
ITIL Wiki: ITIL metrics (KPIs)
ITIL key performance indicators ("KPIs") are used to assess if the processes of an IT organization are running according to expectations.

The suggested KPIs in our ITIL Wiki comply with the ITIL 2011 recommendations and were enhanced with elements from COBIT®.


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YaSM Wiki | LP4: Operate the services
Operational processes are probably the most widely known and used parts of service management and ITSM best practice.

+YaSM's service operation process kicks in once a service is implemented. The process ensures that the services are delivered effectively and efficiently, in line with the contractual commitments. This includes fulfilling service requests, resolving incidents and problems, as well as carrying out routine operational tasks.

The achieved service quality is measured on a regular basis. The resulting service quality reports are an important input for the service improvement process.
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