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When you're looking for a hotel, combining Google Hotel Finder's filters for star, user rating and price helps you find accommodations that offer the type of experience you're seeking within your price range. Say that you're headed to New York City for next weekend and want to spend about $200 a night at a 4 star or better hotel that's rated by users as Very Good. Use the filters at the top of the page and your results will update immediately with hotels that meet those specifications. When you're exploring individual hotels, clicking on the results and checking out the reviews tab will provide more insight via written reviews and ratings for the hotel's atmosphere, decor and service. Once you've returned from your trip, don't forget to write your own review, which you can access via the Write a review button for each hotel or on Google+ Local (

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Thank you
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Happy New Year 2013!!!
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I need help with my contacts through my email help please
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With the holidays right around the corner, you may be putting together homemade gifts for loved ones—like a slideshow with highlights from your baby's first year, a collage from your wedding, or maybe a 2012 highlight video like the one we made for #zeitgeist2012.

In the past, it may have been a little hard to share all the files needed for these projects with your gifting co-conspirators. But this year, it's easier than ever to share with others by inserting stuff from Drive directly into an email without leaving Gmail. The best part? With Drive in Gmail, you can send files up to 10GB in size—400x larger than traditional attachments.

Learn more:

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How can I download the folder from Drive without ZIPPING ?
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New Feature - Google+ Communities
Posted by +Lee Jarratt:

I think people can stop complaining about never seeing "big new features" now..
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I have samsung S6802 handsett. I use g+ latest version but it not show image. Whats problem pl tell me.
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More holiday themes for Google+ Events

From Hanukkah to Christmas to Kwanzaa, we want to help you celebrate this holiday season in style! Check out the new themes below and start planning your holiday events with friends and family.

To create an event, just visit on the desktop, or tap "Events" in the mobile app. #googleplusupdate
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Editing your address book in Google+

Earlier this year we added Google Contacts info to Google+ profiles. So when you're visiting a friend's profile, you (and only you) can see his phone number from your personal address book. (

Starting today, you can also edit these details directly in Google+. Just visit a buddy's profile, click 'About', and add a birthday, an email address, or even a short note. Everything's saved in Google Contacts, so your address book in Gmail and Android will be updated automatically.

Let us know what you think in the comments!

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Create a Meme on Google+
posted by +Natalie Villalobos 

With excellent hashtags like #MemeMonday  going around, we thought it best to kick the new year off right by teaching everyone how to make a meme out of one of your photos. Simply follow these steps and you’ll be off and running with instant internet hilarity:

1) Select Add photos from the camera icon located on the sharebox
2) Once you’ve selected a photo, choose Add text
3) Modify text as desired

Share your meme with us using the hashtag #memestyle  and remember to contribute to #mememonday  next week!

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can't add friends since 3 months anyone having solutions ?
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We've put together a collection of tips to help you keep your New Year's resolutions, from better health and finance to learning new things and traveling more:
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It’s here. Google Maps for iPhone with voice navigation, local search, Street View, public transit and more. Get the #GoogleMaps app at
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Hi gang - we're pleased to share the news that Snapseed for Android is now released!  An updated iOS version, with G+ sharing, a new Retrolux filter, updated Frames, and more is also available. And... everything's free!  Get the app from either Google Play or the App Store, and spread the word! ^KLR
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How to mute sound in Google+ Hangouts
Posted by +Dori Storbeck 

Google+ Hangouts are great for catching up no matter where you are but sometimes you or some of the people in your Hangout aren’t in a quiet place. Here are a couple of tips to help you manage ambient within hangouts.

Remove other(s)' noise from the Hangout: Did your best bud join from the train station where there is a lot of background noise and interrupt the conversation? You can mute them for the entire group by hovering over their video thumbnail, and clicking the microphone icon. We'll notify everyone in the hangout that you've muted someone, and of course whomever you mute can always unmute themselves.

Remove your noise from the Hangout: Did the kids just take their game of hide-and-seek inside and you need a moment to quiet them? Not sure if people are hearing you? Check the microphone icon in the top right of your hangout window to mute (or unmute) yourself.

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Ring someone back when you miss their 1:1 hangout call
Posted by +Dori Storbeck

Sometimes you just miss the chance to hangout 1:1 with a friend. Fortunately you can easily ring them back when you're available to chat.

Just find their original invite, and click "Join hangout." From there you can call them back immediately, or click "Cancel" if you've changed your mind.

Reminder: Hangouts Office Hours today from 2-3pm PST. Drop by if you have a question about hangouts.
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Here to help those that need help regarding Google products
I sometimes hear people that have questions about Google related products, so I created this page to lend a hand and give back to those that need help...

I'm not saying that I know everything about Google and their products, but I would say that I know quite a bit and will try to answer what I can....

If you know quite a bit about Google products and would like to help answering questions, please, drop me a line and I can add you to this page so we can start helping those that need our help :)

If you have any questions, send me a quick message!!!

PS: Here's the Official Google+ Help Page, If that's what you were looking for...