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Once you get rid of junk, how do you keep it from coming back?

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Did you download my Secrets of Professional Organizers book today? It was featured in this newsletter with 25 more free books!
Wow! Save BIG on today's deals! Get Jo Watson's AFTER THE RAIN for FREE, plus we've got 26 more free books and over $280 in savings!

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Decision-making is the biggest hangup for living a more organized life, which is why I highly recommend reading what the experts have to say about it.
Do you need help making a decision, or making decisions in general?
Be sure to check out this amazing line-up of posts from some of my blog readers!

For now, the only decision you have to make is whether to read it now or pin it for later!

Big thanks to +Hazel Thornton for sponsoring this issue of the Professional Organizers Blog Carnival, and to everyone who contributed, including +Mary Johanson , +Melanie Sobocinski , +Andrea Brundage , +Donna Smallin Kuper , +Autumn Leopold , +Linda Samuels , +Lisa Mallis , +Chrissy Halton , +Sabrina Quairoli , +Audrey Cupo , +Debbie Rosemont , +Seana Turner , +Christine Salberg , +Nancy Borg , +Laura Wittmann , +Janice Russell , +deanne Kelleher , +Linda Clevenger and a few others


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Must remember this!
Don't take on other people's #clutter  in any form!  Not your monkeys!

What clutter can you release today that isn't yours?

#mindfulness   #clutterfreeliving  

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My full-time RVing friends +Emily Fagan and her husband, Mark, did a little decluttering - and discovered a gem.

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My friend, Emily, interviewed a couple who has been on the road for 26 years. Imagine! When people ask Mike and I how long we plan to be on the road, we reply, "Until we are done." Maybe that will be 26 years from now!
New Post: Escapees Magazine has published a profile I wrote about a special and very long-term full-time RVing couple.  26 years of living and working in an RV.  Wow!!  It's in the Sep/Oct 2014 issue.   #rv   #rving

Question: How do you change a subject line in Gmail?

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I just learned that emails and unused apps drain your cell phone battery. Did you know that?
Organize your smartphone! 

It’s easy to ignore your digital clutter. But unread email and unused apps drain battery and slow down your phone, so organizing your devices will make your life ten times easier. 
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