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Thorne Derrick
LV, HV & Hazardous Area Electrical Eqpt Distributor - UK & Export
LV, HV & Hazardous Area Electrical Eqpt Distributor - UK & Export

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To celebrate the launch of our new website, we focus on T&D International as a leading supplier of LV-HV Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation.

T&D’s products heat pipework, drums, IBC’s, hoses, tanks and workspaces – whether protecting against snow, frost and ice or providing process heating to commercial, industrial, manufacturing and hazardous area industries.

• Installing Heat Trace Cable – Training Videos

• Electrical Safety – 10 Things You Need To Know

• Frost Protection for Pipes, Tanks, IBC’s & Drums

• Cable Jointers Photoblogs (500+)

• Infra-red Heaters For Winter Work Space Heating

• Condition Assessment of HV Cables – EA Technology

• Nexans Euromold – MV Jointing & Terminating

• T&D’s Industry Infographics

• Cable Pulling & Laying Masterclass – Duct & Trench

Featuring Ellis Patents, ASCO, Thermon, CATU, 3M, Elster, Eltherm, Chromalox, Pfisterer and Roxtec.

T&D International, based in the UK, are leading Suppliers of Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment.

- See more at:

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Gas detectors, both fixed and portable, provide life saving alerts and notice of the presence of potentially fatal gases in working areas. Typically, a fixed gas detector is used as a permanent gas monitoring solution installed in a specific location such as a process area of a control or a plant room.

The area is continuously monitored measuring the concentration of a selection of gases within the air. Fixed gas detectors are used for the detection of flammable gases, toxic gases and for monitoring oxygen depletion levels.

Fixed gas detection uses the latest technology to ensure the safety of plant and personnel at all times. In the event of a gas concentration reaching a preset high level, fixed gas detectors have alarms, lights and indicators that act as a warning signal to alert the user of the gas risk hazard in both safe and hazardous area locations.

#gasdetectors #portablegasdetectors #fixedgasdetectors #gasdetection #gasmonitor

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Cable Fault Analysis : 5 Case Studies - Heat Shrink Cable Joints & Cable Terminations

T&D have an obligation to investigate any cable joint or cable termination product failure, but over the years we have been asked more and more to get involved in general cable failure analysis for high voltage HV networks.

T&D undergo un-biased investigations into any failure involving high voltage cable joints and cable terminations regardless of manufacturers or whether heat shrink or cold shrink type.

Below are 5 case studies covering Cable Fault Analysis linked to the cable jointing and terminating of high voltage power cables. Click on the links for more information on each study.

#cable #heatshrink #cablejoints #cableterminations

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“It is estimated that the Arctic holds around 30% of the world’s undiscovered natural gas and 13% of its yet-to-find oil. This amounts to around 400 billion barrels of oil equivalent, 10 times the total oil and gas produced to date in the North Sea.”

Developing the Arctic could be essential to securing energy supplies for the future, but it will mean balancing economic, environmental and social challenges,” according to Shell.

The search for oil and gas by exploration companies is becoming ever bigger and no corner of our planet is out of reach (or is it?).

Exploration focuses on areas where extreme temperatures are the norm. The Arctic for example has many untapped resources but working in this type of climate poses new challenges to owners and operators with ambient temperatures as low as -60° Celsius.

Manufacturers of equipment for use in these areas have to find solutions which will operate effectively and reliably in such cold weather climates.

Winterisation measures are those which ensure an offshore vessel is prepared for operation in cold climates focusing on the adverse effects and the control of icing, freezing and wind chill. This article has been written as an informative piece about winterisation of offshore platforms, FPSO and FSUs but also focuses on managing onshore process plant through severe weather.

#Winterisation #Winter #HeatTracing #ElectricalHeating #Offshore #ColdClimates #FrozenPipes

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Filoform FiloSeal+HD Reenterable LV HV Power Cable Duct Seal System

New from Filoform is the FiloSeal+HD re-enterable duct sealing system which provides a strong support system using hexagonal tubes which build up like a honeycomb structure to prevent water ingress and gas migration through cable ducts - this includes sealing LV-HV 11kV-33kV power cable ducts and Triplex cables.

The FiloSeal+HD is suitable for any cable configuration (single or multiple) contained within one duct and also allows for easy re-entry of the duct seal to add or remove cables or pipes as required.

#Filoform #FiloSeal+HD #CableDuctSealSystem #DuctSeals #LV #HV #PowerCables

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Portable ATEX Heaters – Hazardous Area Heating (Zone 1 & Zone 2 – ATEX Certified)



T&D International are Specialist Distributors of Hazardous Area Electrical Heating Equipment – we distribute Flameproof, Explosion Proof and Intrinsically Safe equipment for Zone 1, 2, 21 and 22 hazardous area heating.

T&D are UK Approved Distributors for leading manufacturers of electric heating equipment for hazardous areas, including EXHEAT, Chromalox and Thermon.

T&D service the global oil, gas and petrochemical industries with heat tracing and electrical process heating equipment – the demand for portable hazardous area heaters includes offshore vessels such as drill ships, jack-up vessels, semi-submersible vessels, offshore barges and floating platforms.

The application of reliable heat is often the only way to repair, remove or install equipment essential to offshore operations. Unfortunately, conventional heating methods (such as gas-fired open flames) and offshore atmospheres are potentially explosive bed-fellows. Sounds exciting in theory but is extremely dangerous in practice.

Hazardous area heaters must foremost be safe to use – certified according to the location, gas group, temperature rating and prevailing potentially explosive atmosphere. Know the Zone and match the certification of portable ATEX heaters for safe provision of heat without any hidden dangers.

#ATEX #Hazardousarea #ATEXheaters #Hazardousareaheating #heating #portableheating

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Explosion Protection Equipment From The Explosive Atmosphere Experts

All T&D Sales Engineers hold CompEx Certificates (Hazardous Awareness Course EX F) and undertake advanced and ongoing Explosion Protection training with suppliers – we can be safely trusted to specify and supply Electrical, Mechanical, Process & Instrumentation Equipment for use in hazardous areas and explosive atmospheres.

#CompEx #hazardousarea #ATEX #explosionproof

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HORNE design and manufacture thermostatic mixing valves, taps and showers for the sanitary, plumbing and heating industry and have been at the forefront of the development of thermostatic products since 1909.

#Horne #TMVs #mixingvalves #thermostaticmixingvalve #legionella

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