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Lori Noel

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Wedding Planning
Hey All! Last year I received my certification on Wedding and Event planning from WPIC and interned briefly with a Wedding planning company. This past year I have been working at multiple galleries and studios planning and co-ordinating art related events. ...

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Oscars Party
Go Leo! Here are a few ideas for your next Oscars viewing party. 1. Print photos of nominees for your guests to take a Red Carpet photo with. 2. Prediction sheets for guests to make their A-list guesses. 3. Chocolate fondu, because everyone knows chocolate ...

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Red Carpet CakePops
Two years ago, my boyfriend's sister and I toiled away in the kitchen for about 8 hours, attempting to make Tiffany blue cake pops for her Sweet 16 party only to find that 50% of our pops either cracked, melted or completely fell off the stick. In the end, ...

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Cold Weather Fitness
It's no secret that running is my favourite way to get exercise (yoga being a very close second). Although I love living in Canada, it isn't exactly prime runner's real estate. Luckily, this year (thanks, Global Warming) hasn't been too bad on the snow/ice ...

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Chia Banana Berry Smoothie
Loved throwing this cool everything-in-the-fridge smoothie with my girl, Andrea last night! This (made-up) recipe made enough for two big mason jar smoothies and even a bit left over for breakfast the next day. 4 frozen bananas Half bag of frozen strawberri...

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2016: A Year Without Clothes
We are all aware of the dangers of leaving behind a large carbon footprint. If this year's winter (or lack of) is any indication, it's time to start taking the warnings more seriously. I'll admit, Michael, Bee and myself live a pretty excessive lifestyle. W...

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The Recipe on the Box
Here is something I had to share. This is not a family recipe but it turned out amazing. While peeling apples for apple pie on Christmas Eve, I casually read the recipe for pie on the box of the Pillsbury pie crust box. I decided to forgo my usual apple pie...

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Banana Bread
Banana bread holds a special place in my baking heart. It's the first thing I attempted to bake on my own after moving out of my mama's house. My first couple of attempts either sunk, burned or were inexplicably bitter and so I deemed myself utterly undomes...

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Recycling my Holiday Favourites
Today I recycled one of my favourite recipes, discovered and perfected by my amazing mother (who, by the way always claims to be non-domestic and creative but she really is!)! Here is the link to my potato chip chocolates blog post from last Holiday season....

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Vegan Chocolate-Strawberry Birthday Cake
I'm so excited and happy that my sister (the word friend has never been strong enough to describe our relationship) is staying with Michael and I for a few weeks here in Montreal! I'm so grateful when we get to spend time together. Me and Andrea as little b...
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