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Cloister Ekphrastic Free Verse
 This month, in our year of writing poetry together, my Poetry Sisters have called on me to supply the art for our ekphrasic poems. I've chosen to share my photos of the cloisters of Glencairn Museum , a place I love to visit. You can read about the cloiste...

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Clogyrnach: a Welsh poetic form
My Poetry Sisters and I are trying out a new-to-me form this month, something I have found quite tricky. I only just pulled something out that I am willing to share. I need to work on this one a bit more; it's a challenge! Trisha had posted about the Clogyr...

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An Ekphrastic Poem for WONDER
  You know how much I love house plants and greenery of all kinds. I don't have a green thumb, and my plants don't always do well, but I am stubborn and don't give up easily. My office is full of plants. sometimes they get those really annoying fungus gnats...

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In the school of Kay Ryan
Every so often the Poetry Sisters and I like to try writing In the Style of... a poet whose skill we admire. In the past we looked at e.e. cummings and wrote poems somewhat like his. This month we are echoing Kay Ryan, US Poet Laureate from 2008 -10 and Pul...

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Woods Walk
I've been trying to spend more time outside this month, following the Rewild Your Life 30 Day Challenge , and getting more connected to nature after reading Jon Young's books What the Robin Knows and Coyotes' Guide to Connecting with Nature . I've loved bir...

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flowers & greens after the rain
Early May 2016
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Here's our family page for the Bethany Walk for Children May 14.

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Watching TV in the Presence of Christ
This month my poetry sisters and I are experimenting with Ekphrastic poems. Laura Purdie Salas chose the image for us and we all went off in different directions, responding to the images as we were called. Ekphrasitc poems are written in response to visual...

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Sharing poems for Friday!

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Sedoka Poems to Bring in Spring
I just realized that March 9, 2016 is my 10 year blogoversary !!! Hard to believe how fast that has flown. Back then I was doing a lot of parent blogging and also reviewing ch ildren's books more, as I was an elementary school librarian. I haven't been blog...
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