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PBISWorld Dot Com, the most complete tier 1 to tier 3 free PBIS program on the web!, the most complete tier 1 to tier 3 free PBIS program on the web!
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Behavior intervention sometimes feels like Edison and the lightbulb, we figure out 1000 ways not to intervene.

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Grab The PBIS World Book today!  All the info on, now in an instantly downloadable and printable doc, pdf, or pages file!  You get all 3 file formats!

The PBIS World Book is coming today!!!

The PBIS World Book, coming soon!  Soon you will be able to print up interventions and take them to behavior meetings and give them to parents!

With The PBIS World Book, you'll not only be able to easily print interventions or the entire book, you'll also be able to pick and choose interventions, put them together add some of your own stuff, or whatever else, and create your own customized PBIS World Book!  Coming Soon!

After many requests for it, I'm now about half way through The PBIS World Book!  All the info on, now in pdf, word doc, and pages doc!  Coming Soon!  Will be available on  

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Thank you teachers for the tremendous work you do with our kids and future. I can still recall every teacher I had and I've loved every one of them. You're special to us teachers, Thank you!

Friends over this weekend. One asks, "So, how's pee-biss world going?" I think, "pee-biss world?... What's pee-biss world?... Oh PBIS World." As catchy as that pronunciation may be, I think I'll stick with saying each letter.

The most important traits of successful interventions, rewards, incentives & consequences: Clear, consistent, & predictable.
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