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Accessuri, Fashion, Luxury, Designer, Mindful, Local, Holistic, Organic, Diva, Glamorous
Accessuri, Fashion, Luxury, Designer, Mindful, Local, Holistic, Organic, Diva, Glamorous

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Join me in my new community as I try to create awareness in the Fashion Industry about Ethics while still being fashionable.  

By Rachana Suri
What is a Rockanrolla
In these times of economic uncertainty and environmental suffering, the feeling of being helpless and powerless has become all too familiar.  But we are not helpless, we do have power, I don’t most people are aware as to how much they have. In fact I would say we have more power to change things than any other time in history.  In our modern time of corporations and consumerism, our power is directly correlated to how we spend our money.  Our purchases are our daily votes, it’s our only voice and it has a larger impact on the world around us than we think.  Bottom line, you have a choice to buy from those who deplete the world or those who replenish the world.  The local business, that supports local communities or global corporations. 
Not too long ago I was an ad exec in Manhattan that reluctantly went on a life changing journey.  After being laid off, I decided to take a two week break to London before embarking on my job search.  Two weeks turned into five months as I explored Europe. I spent months traveling with one suitcase filled with clothes that were slated for a two week trip, which was in great opposition to my overly stuffed walk in closet.  
Money was tight and space was limited, but with my love for fashion and shopping, I began shopping at the local markets.  Here I found the most amazing designers, that updated my well worn outfits. Each designer was unique, with their own stories of inspiration and passion. These designers had great integrity of style, but also ensured that their production and manufacturing processes supported their own values.   Each product was a piece to be collected, they weren’t trends, they were timeless pieces that I still wear.  For so long, I mindlessly spent money on clothes to feed my walk in closet, but I never put any thought to what that money supports after it leaves my hands.  
Through my journey I now realize that mindlessly spending money on mass produced goods from corporations whose sole purpose is profit for executives and shareholders is not how I would like to spend my hard earned money.  I do not want to buy things that are most likely made on the backs of exploited workers, while compromising the environment.  They are not wrong though, their sole purpose is to mazimize profits, at any cost, with one purpose all purpose is lost.  Capitlism isn’t bad, it just must serve more than that one purpose.
When I came back from my trip I realized that I did not want to go back to corporate America, instead I wanted to do something that was more meaningful, something that could help us.  I began writing about mindful capitalism, “the idea that businesses should understand the consequences of their business decisions and the impact it will have on the world around us.  That’s when I was inspired to start my own line of clothing.  I took the skills that I learned when I was younger making dresses on my mom’s singer sewing machine, and began to make scarves.  These scarves supported fair labor, animal friendly fur, with a portion of the profits going to stopping labor and human trafficking.  I
Spoiler Alert, “Shameless plug of my company!
Look ethical or eco-friendly fashion does not have to be tie dies and hemp anymore.  So I have come out with a new collection it’s called the Rockanrolla collection. My line, is about luxury and timeless style, infused with ethical practices.  
The Rockanrolla collection was inspired by the rock, punk and grunge
movements that made the world stand up and take notice. Rock was rebellion.
It was revolution that influenced the masses to buck the norm, not accept things as they are. More than ever this needs to notion needs to exist today. As rock stars of the world we
need to inspire change.
We live in an environment filled with mass-produced goods whose sole purpose is
creating profit hungry machines that destroy local economies, our environment, and
our people with their lack of social responsibility.
Accessuri and the Rockanrolla collection is a new way of buying. Buy from designers
who seek to grow local economies, use sustainable products, practice fair labor, and have
a strong sense of social and more responsibility. The collection is not only about being a
rebel, it’s about changing the world, about being a Rockanrolla. The Rockanrolla is a new
type of person. Fashion forward, socially responsible, sexy all rolled into one to create the rock star.
They are the revolutionaries who are changing the world, let’s do it again.
We all want a way to change the world somehow, yet often times feel powerless but the best way is to exert your purchasing power, by supporting companies who replenish society and not just take.   Now my work is dedicated to change, to create a movement in where others can become more aware of how their spending habits maybe in direct opposition to what is actually beneficial to them, while looking like a glamorous Rockstar.  My company is named after me, as my last name is Suri.

Hello Everyone, this community seems like its what I am exactly trying to do.  I am trying to change the world, through business.  My company is Luxury Fashion, made locally, ethically with fair labor and animal friendly products.  A portion of my profits go to stop Human Trafficking.  Currently working on Animal Friendly furs.  I believe there is nothing wrong with capitalism, you just have to be mindful about it.  Would love any tips or insights you may have on how to grow my business.

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Local artist has sale...
SALE SALE SALE!!! This weekend, I am selling any one of my "MISBEHAVIORISTS" for only $50. (FREE shipping!) This is a series of paintings which depict child-like images and actual remarks kids have said to me. Check them out:

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Thanks for the great list!
RT @workingcapital: RT @listentojohan: Top 30 Social Entrepreneur in 2012:
#socialinnovation #socialentrepreneurship

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It seems that being ethical in business can pay off financially as well.
Awesome read about #morals and #economics. It highlights how we should be acting as a #community versus how we actually act these days. My argument here is that the online revolution has undermined these basic #ethics . If you read comment lists these days they are full of people attacking others without a frontal lobe. As we return to simple #organic food, #energy efficiency and #greenliving, perhaps we should look deeper and return to "simple morals."

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This is more about social stratification then Mindful Capitalism, but a good conversation on the limits of markets.
One of the best segments ever on the +The Dylan Ratigan Show today, with Harvard professor of philosophy, Michael Sandel, whose lectures my daughter and I have been watching online, in preparation for her final exam in Ethics in a couple of weeks. Great stuff!

I am buying the book!

#Ethics #Philosophy #SocialEthics

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A little humor with our eco...

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