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Feedback on Google+

I really feel compelled to say something outright about this. I have seen a lot of people complaining about the lack of specific features on Google+ in posts or comments.

First of all, simply complaining about it will get you nowhere, and creates a negative atmosphere in the Google+ community. My Google+ is one of collaboration, advice, encouragement, and sharing. It's a community that works together to build a better world: a better world for people with special needs, a better world for photography, and a better world for everyone on the planet. I love to see people post about ways to change the world. It inspires me to do better, to make the whole world a better place to live.

Secondly, if you have a suggestion, criticize constructively. This whole I'm-going-home-and-taking-my-ball-with-me mentality will get us nowhere. Not only that, but it's damaging to our community. Let's use that little "send feedback" button at the bottom of our screens to help make Google+ better. That IS what beta is all about, right? It's about user feedback to improve the service. Let's use it.

Thirdly (is that a word?), There are great Google staffers right here among us on these very posts. They are great about accepting feedback, and deserve some credit, not berating. People like +Vincent Mo , +Brian Rose, +Sergey Brin, +Matt Cutts, +Natalie Villalobos +chee chew work hard to make Google+ a good community for collaboration and fun.

Last is my call for action. I know of features that would make the community a better place. What can you do about it? You can read through them. If you like them, suggest them using that "send feedback" button. It isn't just for bugs, I promise. For sending suggestions, go through the same process as reporting a bug. Don't worry about the screen shot and all that jazz (unless you just want to remove personal info).


+First, I think to set Google+ apart, we should have the option of setting different profile information for our different circles. I'd like my profile to say something different to my professional connections than what it says to my fellow hobbyist or my friends. Different profile pictures for different circles would also be fun. We have the circles construction, let's use it to Google's advantage.

+ The ability to post single photos from previously posted albums without having to go through Picasa would be really helpful. While I'm at it, the ability to arrange albums in Google+ would also be nice. Thank you!

+ Closely related to the last one, I'd like the ability to +1 and comment on individual photos in an album or the album as a whole. Thanks again, Google Team!

+I, for one, would really like the ability to underline text in Google+, and to be able to bullet lists, say for example a list of suggestions in a post. :)

+ This may or may not be because of the coding of Google+, but I'd like to be able to move my cursor around in text I've written in comments or posts by clicking my mouse. Having to use the arrow keys to move up and down and left and right to edit my text is too time consuming. This seems to have been fixed, or maybe it's because I switched to Chrome. Firefox kept crashing.

+ Too often, I see posts jump up in my stream while I try to read the stream. It would be nice to be able to toggle to a chronological stream. I often miss posts, because they are not as popular as the posts I see in my stream. Thank you!

+ But now, I wish the stream were dynamic with the pause button, again. I really liked it streaming like it did when it would automatically pause when I scrolled down the stream. That was like some kind of amazing coding magic. I loved it, and I miss it.

+It would be wonderful to have a way to search Google+ users by profession or interest groups into which users self-identify. This would encourage and facilitate collaboration, which could be a very strong tool, especially for research and development for a whole host of different fields.

+ I'd also like if posts could be refreshed (or bubbled up) to the top of the stream if they are edited (especially if there is a chronological stream to view).

+People circle me and I haven't the foggiest how they found me or a reason they might want to circle me. It would be nice to have some way to trace back to how we are connected, or if we could leave a small message about how we might know a person when we circle them.

+It would be really neat if I could make a post just to my incoming people without having to add them. This would be a way I could figure out why people started following me, and whether I should add them back.

+ Related to the last suggestion, it would be nice if I could see "view all people who have added you" and "view all people who have added you back" rather than "view all circle notifications."

+ I'd like to be able to see vertical photos larger in the photo viewer. The horizontal photos are a pretty good size. Maybe there is already a way to do that, but I just don't know it.

+Hangouts: 10 is a really small number, but no one would want more than 10 people in a hangout. What I propose is a waiting room for full hangouts. In the waiting room, people could watch the hangout (like a Youtube link in a secondary hangout) and interact with other people waiting for the same hangout. When someone leaves the major hangout, the first person to enter the waiting room would be given an invitation to enter the hangout.

+Comments +Carmelyne Thompson had a good idea about restricting comments to only allowed circles. This would be useful for content that is circle specific.

+Excluded Circles/People. The - button would be really helpful for this very feature. I'd like to be able to exclude people from viewing a specific post. Say for example I wanted to plan a surprise party for James. It would be really helpful to be able to post to +friends -James.

+It would be really cool if we could highlight text in the posts of others and +1 what we highlight. That would make this platform super unique.

+Also, being able to comment on comments would be amazing.

+ Permalinks in reshares would be amazing. I can't tell you how frustrating it is to have to dig way through someone's stream for a specific post they made back in June if someone reshares it. I like to comment on the original posts rather than the reshare. Thank you Google Team!

If you have any ideas on which you'd like me to send feedback, please post them in the comments section. If you like any of the ideas in the comments, +1 them, and more importantly, send feedback!
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+Katie Wright those are great Ideas thanks for taking the time to formulate and share them
+Jon Savage Edited. I'll post more ideas if i think of them, later. I just had to run off to work this morning.
We seriously need more control over reading our streams than just selecting one circle or everything.

Even if it means constructing a new kind of pseudo-circle that uses expressions. At times I really want to "drill down" into a subset of my circles, such as "show me everyone in 'photographers' who is not also in 'high volume'" or "show me everyone in 'press' who is also in 'tech'"
+Bob O'Bob THAT's what I was trying to remember I wanted to add to my list! Thanks.
What I think would do is a fairly simple query language. Googlers are good with that sort of stuff. The form that I personally need the most would be "show me everyone from any circle who is not in [high vol]"

I await your modifications and will endeavor to add useful comments.
+Bob O'Bob agreed better ways of filtering are needed. Honestly given an API I also feel that the queries would be fairly trivial to write. I think we need an API sooner rather than later.
As it currently sits filtering by circles is a bit like breaking an egg with a sledgehammer. There has to be a better way; right now I feel like I'm missing good content because anyway you slice it the stream is a firehose; at least it is for me anyway.
Big problem with asking for "an API" ... there already is one. It's not documented, and there's a good reason for that. The problem is tied to the fact that it is still changing, that it needs to be changing. The whole of Plus is evolving. Demands for "an API" are really demands to freeze development, and that would be about as smart as shooting your foot with a tactical nuke.
Please re-share this post (and disable comments), so we can collect ideas, here.
Another suggestion: once in a while, a particular comment within a thread really catches my attention. I'm sure this happens to a lot of people. There should be a way to share a thread and highlight a specific comment at the same time. The resulting share would start with an attributed quote of the comment (and let you edit it down to an excerpt, add your own comments, etc.). Not a high priority, but would really be useful.
The ability to save drafts would be nifty too. I've lost a few posts to to jumping stream (which also has to go I think).
I totally agree that fixing the jumping screen should be one of the highest priorities. It really should be simple to recognize that the user has opened a compose text-area and suspend all page updates.

The jumping when I'm reading is mildly annoying. Jumping when I'm trying to click a link or button is seriously annoying, but jumping while I type is pretty close to unforgivable after two months.
+Bob O'Bob twitter does that well it can't be that complicated to implement
Katie, please edit a link to this post into the top of the post. That way when people re-share it will be easy to find.

AND ALSO it brings up one of my suggestions from freakin' June -- in a re-share, the attribution line says ''originally shared this post:'' and *those last two words should be the perma-link to the original post.
As far as underlining text goes, they really screwed up by using the underscore character (instead of slashes) for italics. Hard to go back, now.
+Bob O'Bob haha, I agree. Isn't the underscore used in other places for underlining. I was really surprised by that, actually.

P.S. Post edited with permalink, now. Thanks for the idea. I was going to suggest that people post the permalink.
For now the work around for jumping text is to open the post by itself in another tab/window via the posts time.
For the selected streams there is this but you have to use a chrome browser. Which brings me to extensions in general for G+. I do not always have access to Chrome and would love to have translate as well as others imbedded. Actually I am no longer sure what is native G+ and what is an extension.
I do NOT want to see different profile information for different circles, unless this means they're two separate profiles that can't (outside of Google) be associated with each other. I'm afraid some kind of half measure like this would be seen as a "solution" for the problems the "real looking names" policy has created, without actually addressing the underlying problem.
When I share a post that has already been shared I would like the 2nd person to be given credit without me having to do it and so on.
Many blog streams have a completely separate feature for keywords, to make searching for topics more effective.

Plus needs that, and it needs to be live - while comments are permitted, readers would also be able to add/suggest keywords. And the original author has the authority to remove them, and if they choose, to block selected people from submitting more. The author probably should have the ability to decide, per post, if new keywords can be added by anyone or if they each require author approval before becoming searchable.
+Peter da Silva I don't think it would, and it isn't to address a problem. I just want to portray myself differently to my friends that I might portray myself to my colleagues. I do it IRL, so why not in my virtual life?
+Katie Wright That's what I want to do, too. But I have to be able to do it in a way that nothing I express in my personal circle can be exposed to my professional one, and my name is distinctive enough that the only way I can do that is to use a pseudonym for my personal circle. I've already had problems with my "Google"-ability in a previous job, and my current terms of employment are much more confining.
This is really good feedback - and would love to share this with the team. Also love this First of all, simply complaining about it will get you nowhere, and creates a negative atmosphere in the Google+ community. My Google+ is one of collaboration, advice, encouragement, and sharing. It's a community that works together to build a better world: a better world for people with special needs, a better world for photography, and a better world for everyone on the planet. I love to see people post about ways to change the world. It inspires me to do better, to make the whole world a better place to live.
thank you so much, +Natalie Villalobos
I hope that you don't get overwhelmed with suggestion threads to keep track of, and I do regret that a lot of it comes across like complaining. I do think most of the people doing the 'complaining' are sincere in intending it as improvement advice, it's just human nature to be inspired to new ideas by things which frustrate us.

The potential power of G+ is visible and awesome, and maybe we should mention that more often ... while we offer up suggestions which we think could help it soar even higher!
I'm sure something like this one is already in the queue, but regarding photo albums, I believe the owner should have a facility to decide whether each photo can have comments, or all comments get collected into a common thread for the whole album. Then, looking at it as a reader of streams, even if the album owner allows separate comments per photo, I would prefer they still be grouped together and displayed as a single hierarchical 'album' element in my stream, containing pictures, which then might have their own separate comment threads.

The most common complaint/suggestion I have seen about this "out in the wild" is from album owners who have explicitly requested people keep their comments "on the posting, not on the pictures"
I would like the "originally shared this post" or a reshared post to be a hyperlink so I can go directly to the original post and not have to dig through a persons posts. Although, that can sometimes be fun and informative.
I disagree with you, +Scott Cuyjet, but in such a tiny way that we're very strongly in agreement. I've previously mentioned that I feel the words "this post" in the attribution line need to be the hyperlink ;-) but if they made the whole line into a link, I could definitely live with that.
Agreed. We just want to get to it directly 8 )
+Natalie Villalobos No problem, and Share away! I hope it's useful to you. My hope is that the community of Google+ can collaborate better to make the platform more user friendly (on this thread or elsewhere), and encourage each other to act more productively.
At the request of +Katie Wright I am posting my suggestion for G+:

It would be great if I could "schedule" an update here. Not because I want to spam everyone like I do on twitter, but because I would like to be able to start writing longer (blog-like updates) on G+ and this would allow me to build the post before I had to actually submit it. I could write some thoughts, save it as a draft, and then come back and finish it off. That would really be great.

Let me know what you think about the idea.
A cool additional suggestion from another thread.

I will attempt to summarize:
On each user profile, probably near (or in) the location of the "send an email" button, have a similar button, which begins an individual share with that person. Could call it "share a personal thread" or something like that.
This is more of a commentary than a feature suggestion, but it's about a feature which is sorely lacking:

One Hundred Percent of my use of the Twitter "favorites" feature is marking things while scanning tweets on my mobile for later reading on a bigger screen. One hundred percent. That need is so much greater than any need I might ever feel for marking "favorites" that I just don't care if anyone else can see them or what they think it might mean. I would feel exactly the same way today about Google's +1 feature, except it can't even do that.
I would like to be able to add people to a post by editing it instead of posting something again.
+Scott Cuyjet you should be able, by adding a + reference to them in the initial post.

I've just added you to something I shared yesterday to my "for later" circle. From looking at the "Limited" link, it does appear to have worked, but you can confirm.
+Bob O'Bob I want to be able to do it after the fact. When I realize I should have added them in the first place.
I will check.
+Bob O'Bob I have nothing else from you in notifications but I will check my stream. I have noticed comments when going back up my stream that did not show up in notifications.
It may have been placed in your stream with the original date, and you'd have had to scroll back almost 24 hours. So I just added a comment which might fix that
+Bob O'Bob I only got this and have not found your post. Which reminds me of another fix. When I select notifications out of order all of them go dark. If I haven't looked at it, it should stay light.
yes, notifications are only about half-baked as well. If there's more than 9 at any time, apparently you lose some. The way the light/dark works for me, the instant I open the notifications window, they're light only once, and the count gets reset too. Here's a link, which should work only for you, Scott: if it works for anyone else, that's a potential problem too. It's just a test post, so there's nothing there to compromise
+Katie Wright - yes, I believe that's exactly the point. You can already "plus someone in" by referencing them in a comment, but the OP (author of the original post) ought to also have the ability to just add more people and perhaps even circles.
+Katie Wright Yes. I know it dosen't take much to share it again but it would just be cleaner if I could just add to the original post.
I just wanted to make sure that was the request. I agree. It is messy.
new suggestion:

If someone re-shares from a G+ post, then the author of that original post should automatically be included in the share, in a way which the person re-sharing is unable to change (e.g., no 'x' on the little colored box; the box might as well not even appear).

I think this is important, and ought to be made a priority change, +Natalie Villalobos

Over the past couple of days there was an issue from someone I barely know, and who is still somewhat new to G+, on a controversial topic. It was re-shared multiple times, and there was conversation on several of the shares, most of it healthy IMO. But one of the people commenting was rude enough to earn some deleted comments, and also reports for abusive language. Apparently that person also re-shared from the original post. When the original author discovered that she was unable to read this re-share, she chose to delete ... everything she had ever made public.
Yet another suggestion - my stream still jumping around made me mad enough today to create a new post

here's the suggestion part: draw a line. (Twitter does!) Each time the user starts reading from the top (can be detected by them clicking the black bar, pressing the home key, etc), put a visible marker in their stream, such as a colored bar with a time-stamp, and leave it there. From then on, as the reader scrolls down, new items and updated items go above the line. Once the reader goes as far as they wish, and returns to the top, they can begin again and everything will be new or updated ... until they see the previous line. Then at least one can know they've already been there, instead of wasting time reading more until they're sure.
+Bob O'Bob your post from 9:48a today mentioned as post that got reshared and and reported and the original author deleted it. As far as I know I cannot mute, delete or report individual comments within a post so I was wondering if that was where you were going.
If it's your thread, you can delete individual comments. In any thread, you can report individual comments for abuse. You enable these features through the upper-right menu.

In my 9:48am comment I made a single suggestion, then explained the incident which made the necessity apparent.

And, to further clarify (after an email conversation with that author), we do not have any knowledge that the private re-share or any of the comments on it were objectionable, but the facility for such abuse is just a little too easy. The author was supplied by G+ with a link showing who re-shared the thread, yet was locked out of the actual thread. I think the fact that this made her uncomfortable is enough to call for the automatic inclusion of the original author in any re-shares. Such a feature would not be too hard for abusers to work around, but this way they would have to know that they were circumventing an intentional feature. It could not be just innocent and accidental, as this specific instance may have been.
Now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.
great suggestions! Many of these things seem like design choices from the G+ team, not engineering challenges. Which makes me hope we can see some implemented soon.
Thoughts are good ,please try people can only try results are always unknown though esteemed thoughts sometime brings somewhere which generate s pupils benefit.
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