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Artist, professor and photo geek.
Artist, professor and photo geek.
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Currently, Pixel Magazine produced a Blog about my friend, Kurt Fishback and the women artist portrait project. Pixel is part of who creates photo software for cell phones and has an international presence. Pretty complete. They chose to include, besides the vintage ones, portraits of Betsy Kluga, Kim Scott, Brooke Walker Knoblich, Pam Dixon, Ianna Frisby, Julia Couzens, Bella Feldman, and Joy Bertinuson. It is really worth a look.

Kurt has a Kickstarter campaign that ends in a two short days. Please consider backing his important project!

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New Nik Collection by Google training video, Silver Efex Pro 2 The Zone Mapping System 

Ever wonder what the little step chart in the lower right hand corner of your Silver Efex Pro 2 was? It's the Zone Mapping System! Basically it is an indicator system that allows the artist to visualize the relationships of tonal values in the black and white photograph. Check out the video to learn more. 

Do you have a particular use for the zone mapping system that I didn't talk about here? If so let me know! I'd love to share all the different ways the tool can be used.

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With the spring weather comes warm window sills. 
The Watch by Brandy Worsfold

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Jerry was a really big reason I decided to go to UF for grad school...they are both amazing.

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Have you Really Understood How Photoshop Blend Modes Work?

...I mean really understood?

No? Here's an older post by Robert Thomas that explains it thoroughly.

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I'm ready for it!
The Nik Collection by Google: photography first, for professionals and more

Here on the Google+ Photos team, we're busy building tools for all kinds of photographers. Today, and for all the professionals out there, we're bundling the complete set of Nik plug-ins as the Nik Collection by Google. We're especially excited about three things:

1) It's more affordable. The entire set of plug-ins for Photoshop, Lightroom and Aperture only costs $149 (versus the previous $499).

2) It's really powerful. The Nik Collection by Google gives you tools for everything from noise reduction and HDR imaging to creative effects and image sharpening (and lots more).

3) It's free to try. You can visit for a 15-day free trial of the Collection.

If you've already purchased one or more Nik plug-ins in the past, then don't worry, we've got you covered. In fact: we're going to upgrade you to the entire Nik Collection by Google for free. Just keep an eye out for emailed instructions in the next few days.

Once you've got a Nik Collection shot that you're excited about, feel free to share it with the Google+ community. Simply tag your public pictures with  #nikcollection , and we'll reshare some favorites from the +Google+ page. We can't wait to see what you'll create!

#googleplusupdate  #nikcollection
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When sick, piggy slippers and a Kitteh can help between coughs.
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