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Our second project for the Technology Entrepreneurship Venture Lab 2012 course from Stanford. For educational purposes only and no commercial purpose intended. Although we might build it if someone has deep pockets and wants to fund us? ;)

We were saved from missing the deadline by the video editing skills of one of our team who is also a friend of mine. He finished it just 3 hours before delivery time. Every piece of tech we used "broke" or glitched at some point. From the video camera to software to hardware. It turned a relatively straight forward video into days worth of PC, Mac, Camera and other hardware support and software learning.

I've now downloaded and used SnagIT, since my Camstudio couldn't handle the video animation running in Prezi, downloaded switch to convert audio files, learned how to use VLC to convert a .mov file into a .mp3 file, and played briefly with Camestia for video editing. I couldn't figure out how to do overlaying of tracks and adjusting audio channel separate from the video so it was back to Final Cut Pro for my buddy. I've learned how to rearrange a hard disk on the fly and under pressure when you run out of space, and how not to do a project in Prezi. Also had to set up slideshare and got my first real taste of document collaboration through google docs and prezi. I guess that's why they call it an education but it would have been nice for things to work a little smoother on what was supposed to be a part time course and project.

Let me know if you think we did a good job in the 4 days we worked on it. Two of us mostly full time.
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