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I'm going to talk shit for a while. Those who have been following my posts may not see any difference ;)

Any scientific geniuses out there in my circles? I keep thinking there has to be a better way.

I'm a fan of looking to nature for solutions. Biomimicry it's called. I keep thinking that our waste could be a solution to our energy problem rather than a contributor to our environmental and energy problem like it currently is. Nature uses everything. Including crap. Heck we use it as fertilizer on our gardens as well. Yet our sewage and solid waste is a massive energy hog and drain on our environment.

Between the Denver Zoo's prototype poop powered golf cart and projects like this to collect methane and turn it into energy through fuel cells I think there has to be a way to redesign the sewage and solid waste systems we use in cities to make them efficient and part of a solution to energy issues rather than part of the problem. I realize there are health issues with how we handle human excrement and the pathogen risk and other issues would need to be overcome. But it seems we discount a lot of ideas because the cost / benefit model doesn't add up. But at the end of the day the cost / benefit model is based on the dollar cost rather than the real actual cost. We can always make more dollars. Governments have done that for years. But we can't make more planets no matter how many dollars we have.

Maybe we can't change them overnight but can't we at least come up with some new designs that could be implemented in new areas as we expand as a species and cities continue to grow?

But I don't know enough about the science behind the tech involved to design something. For example they mention in the article that their fuel cells are running around 1200 degrees so you wouldn't want one in a car. That is a massive amount of heat being produced. Is that a byproduct of the cell or is that part of how it generates it's electricity? Seems to me you could tap that heat as well and use it somehow. Anyone passionate about the environment and / or poop and have the kind of scientific knowledge that could help educate me or work with me to come up with something?
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