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Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Thinker, Business owner, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Info Ferret, Teacher, Student, Designer, Gamification expert (wanabee), Gamer
Dad, Husband, Son, Brother, Thinker, Business owner, Consultant, Entrepreneur, Info Ferret, Teacher, Student, Designer, Gamification expert (wanabee), Gamer

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The events in France are shocking.  The events in Australia were also shocking.  My heart goes out to the people involved directly and their families.  Also to the human race in general that we continue to divide ourselves by any means of categorization possible.  Looking at our differences rather than our similarities.  So I don't want this gripe to come across as unsympathetic to the underlying situation.  But why does CNBC drop almost all of their market and business programming to cover events like that almost endlessly?  With market updates and business news an afterthought?  For those of us who rely on business news for our day jobs it's beyond frustrating.  I finally switched the network off in disgust and went to the web.  I get a lot of trading breadcrumbs and information listening to their analysts debate stocks and markets and news.  It is like having my own team of analysts which I most definitely could not afford.  But on days like today the value is simply not there.  Not to mention being forced to listen to the same agonizing details of human suffering over and over again while waiting for that scarce information titbit that might fill in a piece of my own trading paradigm and puzzle.  I miss the regular coverage on days like this. I guess their mandate is more news than Business news but where do I go on a day like today to get what they normally offer?   #CNBCfail  

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If you are thinking about donating to help fight Ebola.  For every $1 of your donation Google will donate an additional $2 more up to the 7.5million cap.

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This is over a year old but I find it still pretty powerful when I watch it.  If contemplating your mortality freaks you out then you probably don't want to watch it!  Either way life is still finite.  At least until my son Logan invents his pill to make people immortal!  If you haven't done it in a while you should take one of those Jelly Beans for yourself.  Take a day in the very near future and reflect on how you spend your time, how your life is playing out.  There is no right or wrong on how you spend it.  No one can you tell you what is the right allocation of jelly beans for you except you.  But how you are spending your time needs to be in sync with your values and priorities or you will feel out of whack and disconnected.  That will have a knock on effect to all areas of your life and to the people in your life.  I've used various systems over the years and probably the easiest is just to carry around a note pad and a pen.  Or figure some capture or note taking system on your phone.  Take a moment to capture when you feel really happy or really miserable and what you are doing at the time.  Review it at the end of the week and try to figure out how to eliminate the miserable and spend more of your time chasing that happiness.  You might be surprised how easy it is to adjust your life.  I hope you get to savor every bean my friends.

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Stay in bed until 11?  Put on autopilot choices about food and clothing?  Cut off contact with everyone for a week just to think?  There are some interesting ideas in this article.

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Life is a gift.  Enjoy your present!

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It is good to be good.

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I just listened to the President respond to a question on corporate taxation..  He said something along the lines that Inversions were not fair and not right.  That businesses were enjoying the benefits of actually being American while avoiding taxes.  That they didn't want a herd mentality of businesses adopting tax inversion strategies as they see their competitors game the system.  That there was a bill working it's way through that would halt the trend.  Maybe the one mentioned in here allowing it only when more than 50% of the company is owned by overseas shareholders?

I have to totally disagree with him. If the Government are unhappy with businesses inverting then they should go ahead and make some changes so the USA becomes attractive and competitive again.  Rather than adopting an obstructionist bureaucratic solution to stop people leaving, they should be looking at closing loopholes, reforming the tax code, cutting the corporate tax rate and being globally competitive to grow the base and attract businesses here to the USA.  
I posted a long time ago about and it seems like the perfect opportunity to implement something like it if they really are going to reform the taxation system.  With 0% corporate income tax rates the USA would suddenly become the most competitive place in the world to locate yourself if you were a business.  A massive shot in the arm to the economy.  With low tax rates on individuals they would have more disposable income to spend.  Another shot in the arm for the economy.

It's extremely simple and would immediately bypass all of the loop holes and inefficiency in the current system.  Overseas business would pay their fair share of tax on all USA transactions   Big companies like Microsoft and Apple could repatriate funds to the USA and deploy them in the economy because the cost to do it would be negligible.  There are plenty of risks to be looked at and worked through but it sure seems a lot better than what we currently have.  The biggest losers would be the accounting profession and hi frequency traders. 


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We are thinking of selling these but want to figure out if anyone would want one.  Let us know if they are hot or not.
A new towel bag prototype.  What do you think?   #towelpants  

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In the last week I just had my first root canal and I'm now waiting with a temporary crown for the lab to make the permanent one.  So I read this and hope I don't need another before my dentist gets their new laser rig installed!

#dentist   #stemcells   #lasers  
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